Museum of Guillaume Retz
  • Intriguing sounding venture spotted over the road from Tesco this afternoon. Just wiki'd him and he turns out to be a French animator. Can't wait to pop in tomorrow.
  • I spotted it today as well katiejane, I think they were opening up this afternoon. Looks like a very odd spot for a museum to a French Animator, next to Granny's...
  • This just popped up out of nowhere! What's going on???

  • according to Wikipedia

    After the war, Retz left France and settled in north London, England, where he died in 1962. He was filmed shortly before his death, which is the only surviving footage of him alive. Retz is rumoured to have died in Stroud Green, London, in 1962.

    A museum to Retz is due to open in early August 2010 in London and and a lost film of Retz's will be shown here exclusively

  • Sounds a bit like a fake though.

  • My money says it's this lot:

    19;29 are a theatre company who specialise in making work in undiscovered or under-explored spaces, interrogating the atmosphere and heritage of these spaces and creating performances in response to them.


    The 19;29 logo is at the bottom of the website so they are involved.

  • Front of the shop/museum has something about a partnership between London Borough of Haringey and Pays De Loire, I think?
  • That wiki entry is up for deletion, as it apparently cannot be substantiated.

  • I think you have to make an appointment. I'm going to go maybe Friday.

  • The appointment-only thing is obscurely annoying - it seems to ruin the point of having it in such an unexpected place if shoppers can't just wander in to be beguiled.
  • I'd rather make an appointment to join the knitting club.
  • You're more than welcome to pop along tonight Tallboy, should I bring a spare pair of needles for you? You could knock yourself up one of these in no time at all:

  • That's got to chafe!
  • we must have London's first pop-up Museum!
  • There was a pop up motor museum in the NCP in Soho recently but this one sounds more interesting.
  • The shutter was up today, but it's still not open. My gentleman friend who was going to come with me buffed up the felt on his top hat in readiness as well, just in case there was improvised nudity/audience participation.

    Hope it's open tomorrow. Good to be in at the fin de siecle.

  • As stated upthread, it is open by appointment only, or at least that's what it said on the door yesterday and the website today.
  • Has anyone actually been?

  • According to the woman running around advertising this 'museum' just prior to its sort-of-opening (appointment only seems a bit odd), they have the lease for a month; then it reverts to something else -- god knows what, this time....
  • apparently there's going to be some sort of opening tomorrow evening (thursday 28th). has anyone seen the animation by this guy? it's pretty cool...
  • What sort of opening? Will there be wine?
  • @ smog103 please can you post any vid links of his work? I know I know, wait and see at the musee itself, just thought I'd ask....

  • I don't know where granny's is but I do know that there have been plans to have a temporary gallery space on SGR for a while.

    The very nice woman who teaches crochet in Crouch End library was planning to exhibit in the window of ashop near Nando's.

    A nice connection to the knitting thread methinks!
  • I alsok mant to say, maybe they just have the window space too, nit the whole space.

    Has anyone managed to get in yet?!
  • I think the one with just window space is the one on the same block as Nando's, with just some black and white images and a slogan I can't remember because I haven't had any tea yet. The Museum definitely has a whole shop because you can see in; it is in the set back shops, across Upper Tollington from Nando's.
  • Near the best barbers in London. Smart Design
  • The 'museum' is in the bottom of Charter Court flats, next to the Caribbean takeaway, barbers and Doreen's Hair Fashions. I think it used to be an african/caribbean shop and I could never work out what it actually sold. The one Sara was talking about is down from Nando's near the laundrette but I think the photos have been taken down now.

  • It was open and there were people inside / outside the place when I walked past this evening ...

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