The Ancient Corporation of Stroud Green.
  • The Hornsey Journal wants to follow up the story of the 'Stroud Green Badge' (1773) and needs to get a picture of a few people carousing in the Stapleton pub tonight!

    The pub chain that owns the Stapleton is keen on the story and looking into having a bit of fun by 're-creating' the Ancient Corporation of Stroud Green drinking club, and putting a high quality framed reproduction of the 'Stroud Green badge' (1773) on the wall. They are also thinking of sponsoring a few lapel badges and 'perhaps even a party' (well, that's what they said).

    And here's a picture:


    I think full marks to the pub chain for spotting a nice local story.

    The Hornsey Journal is following up the story and and is going to carry a picture of the badge and an article about the pub's history this week. They need a nice photo of some present-day locals at the pub, so they are sending a photographer around to the pub as soon as possible - I've suggested TODAY at about 6.30pm to get a lively snap. Do you drink at the Stapleton? Would you like to be in the New Ancient Corporation of Stroud Green? If you want to be in the picture come to the pub tonight (or watch this space in case of changes).

    Tricorn hats etc optional.
  • I have a wench costume, will see if I can dig it out.

  • Confirmed for 6.30pm
  • I will be down in foreign territory (ie Islington Upper Street) this afternoon. Do you think I could get a tricorn hat in Preposterous Presents or somewhere like that? Is there a costume hire place?
  • I'm so pleased the the Stapleton chaps are keen. Would love to come and join in with the antics but I've already made plans for this evening. Hope you all have jolly time, I look forward to seeing the costumes in the photos.

    KRS, the photograph of the badge is wonderful.

  • The Hornsey Journal is also quite keen to hear suggestions for a modern day motto for the Ancient Corporation of Stroud Green, to update the original 'Justice, Truth and Friendship'.

    I thought perhaps 'Wigs, Pizza and Pigeons'
  • Yes, you could also tinker with the picture on the badge - the chappie could be wearing Godzilla's pizza hat (from another thread) on top of an elaborate wig, riding on a White Lion and slaying a pigeon with a rolled up Guardian.

  • Antic Inns Ltd has said no to dressing up. I rather agree with their call on that.
  • Aww spoilsports! I might just wear it anyway, I look rather fine in it.

  • I'm supposed to be at a conference on the Euro at Westminster. Alas, I don't think i'll be back before 19:30.

  • no dressing up? glad i saw that before i broke out hte white tie...
  • Bagsey me be the beadle. I dont't like children and I work in a school.

  • It's funny I had imagined how some of you would look and I was about 95% right. Although I'm not too happy with you taff bach for assuming that I would be a man! But then again, I had thought that Andy would be bald for some reason. Anyway was lovely to meet you all.

  • Glad to have come up to 95% of your expectations. That's more than I usually manage.
    100% to you
  • Doug were you the nice gentleman to my left? I'm not very good at remembering names.

  • He hides under the mysterious Internet identity, 'Doug'.
  • I should write more about hair wax.

  • Oh, while I think about it: this maybe a touch dry, but I’m not sure that ‘Justice, Truth and Friendship’ could possibly be bettered.

    And, if Antic do knock-up some decent label badges I’d love one. I already sport one of their buttons. Wouldn’t it be lovely if they did some decent replicas of the original…

  • Oooo yes! I'd buy a full size replica, it was so pretty and sparkly.

  • Re the original badge, has anyone else noticed that the orientation of the central picture relative to the mounting is different in the original black and white photo compared to KRS's new colour pics?

    I really do feel liek a loser today.

  • Yes, we spotted this when viewing it, and indeed the V & A lady tried to give it a twist - not too hard obviously.

    Another mystery to be debated.
  • Perhaps there was more than one badge?

  • Or perhaps the badge.... IS ALIVE

  • Having had the chance to examine it close up, my thoughts are that matey's turban should be positioned centrally between the hilt of the sword and the crown on the mace. I would find this more aesthetically pleasing than the current and previous positioning. I'd love to know how it was originally.

  • Is that a dragon the little shit is skewering, the racist little Turk? Can the new one be the dragon chewing St. George? I do have a vested interest in this matter.

  • Skewering the Gallic( French in this case) dragon in fact. The Welsh one would have been much tinier.

    The other badge we viewed at the V & A, which was similar in some respects, had been produced by the Anti-Gallicean League, a contemporary, though obviously lesser, organisation to the Stroud Green chaps.
  • So now the Welsh are in league with the French. Top rate, I will have to learn to cook with garlic. Bring it on Georgey boy.

  • Shouldn't be too much of a leap taff bach, garlic and leeks are related.

  • I'm a bit confused.

  • link back to the photos of the back of the badge (was looking for this to show someone at work):

  • link to Wikipedia's section on Stroud Green history, which includes a reference to a 1754 visit by "the Mayor, Sherriffs and Aldermen of Stroud Green" to their counterparts in Kentish Town:


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