The Ancient Corporation of Stroud Green.

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The Hornsey Journal wants to follow up the story of the <a href="">'Stroud Green Badge'</a> (1773) and needs to get a picture of a few people carousing in the Stapleton pub tonight!

The pub chain that owns the Stapleton is keen on the story and looking into having a bit of fun by 're-creating' the Ancient Corporation of Stroud Green drinking club, and putting a high quality framed reproduction of the 'Stroud Green badge' (1773) on the wall. They are also thinking of sponsoring a few lapel badges and 'perhaps even a party' (well, that's what they said).

And here's a picture:

<img src="" width=400>

I think full marks to the pub chain for spotting a nice local story.

The Hornsey Journal is following up the story and and is going to carry a picture of the badge and an article about the pub's history this week. They need a nice photo of some present-day locals at the pub, so they are sending a photographer around to the pub as soon as possible - I've suggested TODAY at about 6.30pm to get a lively snap. Do you drink at the Stapleton? Would you like to be in the New Ancient Corporation of Stroud Green? If you want to be in the picture come to the pub tonight (or watch this space in case of changes).

Tricorn hats etc optional.


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