Local Doxtors : redux (Aprio 2011)

It seems a while since this topic was aired, but I'd like to canvas current views on local doctors.

I've finally decided to find the oomph to find a new GP, currently registered at a practice in the area I used to live in (for 15 years), located in a leafy side street of N8. Of recent time (2 years or so), the whole chaotic experience there makes me reluctant to go until things get really bad (which thankfully is rare). But this is not good.

So, I live in Stroud Green (Haringey). I am looking for courteous efficient healthcare and health advice that I can feel confident about; confidence instilled (in part, at least) by a calm efficiency that begins at the front door of the practice.

As for doctors, folks comfortable in inner urban London and trained at a highly reputable UK Medical School would help!


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    I just registered at the Queenswood Medical Practice - located within the Hornsey Central Health Centre a short bus ride from SG on the W7 bus.

    I chose it because it's a modern, large practice with quite a number of GPs. I was right on the edge of their catchment area though so it depends on where abouts in SG you live whether you can register there.

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    Thanks to those who whispered about the interactive 'review 'pages on the NHS Find a Service website. Really helpful. Off to sign up with new GP on Monday.

    Apols to all for the appalling typo in the thread title ... more haste less reputation!
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    I have to say I take reviews with a pinch of salt. I think the whole idea of treating doctors and dentists like random pubs and restaurants for the Internet at large to rate on a scale of one to five is incredibly misguided.

    Reviews are often based on whether the health professional agrees with someone's own self-diagnosis, and people, naturally, don't like being told what they don't want to hear. A case in point was a review on the NHS site I saw recently (I can't remember whether it was a doctor or dentist) of someone slating the healthcare professional for saying they needed unnecessary treatment, only to follow up the review a year or two later saying that the provider was right and they wished they'd followed the advice at the time.

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    Yeah, reviews on those sites are more likely to be negative because it's human nature to want to complain about bad experiences rather than praise good ones (which we expect as a minimum requirement).
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