Boycott Tesco, Stround Green Road
  • I was told that a few angry Stround Green types are planning to protest outside Tesco on Saturday due to its continued support of NOTW/The Sun. Anyone here know anything?
  • I believe that Tesco is awaiting the outcome of the investigation along with the likes of Virgin, Halifax etc. Not guilty until proven although it looks terrible. Are you going to stop using Virgin phones, Broad band etc, or boycott every Newsagent who carried the Sun etc ? Plain silly

  • What do you mean by "support" - selling it?

    Anyway I don't know anything about that. The best thing you can do to protest about the Sun or NOTW or News International is not to buy or use any of their products.
  • By support i mean spending millions of pounds advertising. Tesco was all over the website yesterday last time I checked. And I agree that its silly to boycott every single shop/newsagent, but its not silly to boycott your local shops - thats right, proper and an achievable aim.
  • Ford cars and Mumsnet have withdrawn advertising on all Murdoch owned media because of the Milly Dowler revelations.

    Boycotting Tesco is pointless. Stop buying The Sun or News of the World and cancel your Sky subscription.

    If you are on twitter you may want to join in with the many others who are doing this:

  • I don't buy the Sun, NOTW, will never buy The Times and don't have Sky. Targetting those that pay NOTW/New Corp to carry their advertising is a valid protest. Tesco is one of the biggest supporters of NOTW via its advertising. From what I have read, that is a fact.
  • The NOTW has always been a bit dodge, but because of it they get stories that mean that over 1m people buy it every Sunday. Although many hate it for what it does and stands for, us Brits like gossip and scandal and it does that in spades. Their sales suggest they do something we want.

    There is no doubt that this whole episode reeks of bad taste, crossing the line and criminality. Some heads should roll as a result and maybe prison......

    ..............but the absolute stand out news from this story is the police selling mobile phone numbers.

  • What? I haven't read that anywhere. Who ran that story?

    Just listening to a Murdoch exec trying to defend News Int's position on the radio. Shocking.

    He's trying to suggest that many of their advertisers have shown support and will be increasing advertsing. Hmmm.

  • Police have been doing that for years, and not just to NOTW.
  • So, should we boycott the Police?

    Or we could boycott Tesco, because some of the Police buy their lunch there.
  • Andy,

    Boycotting an organisation such as Tesco that spends millions with News Corp is a rational, logical action, some might call it a moral imperative. A boycott of the police is difficult- although given the corruption unearthed by the phone-hacking scandal, I guess one could withdraw one's council tax payments (for instance) to demonstrate one's anger.
  • I do agree with boycotting in principle - it needs to be a mass action with accompanying publicity, letter campaigns etc. if directed at an organisation like Tesco, otherwise it's pissing in the wind.
  • If you're going to boycott Tesco, do it for the umpteen much better reasons than that fact they sell NI products.

    I gaurantee that in 2 weeks time NOTW will run an exclussive story and everyone will buy the paper again and forget all about it. If you're not selling it, you're a mug.....although many may admire your stance.

  • I'm boycotting Tesco Stroud Green because it's a shit store and most of the staff are rude idiots. One individual who works there actually put his hand in my face when I asked him a question last night. He was trying to sort out a problem on the fags till so I asked if his colleague (who was standing next to him doing nothing) could open the second till as there were ten people waiting in the queue, and he just put his hand up to my face and said he was busy. Fuckwit.

  • Best comment by Sevlow.

    Boycotting is largely ineffective because most people forget. Boycotting Tesco because they advertise with NI is tenuous at best. They are the biggest brand using the biggest media to promote their services, there's not moral judgement there. Because NI is such a pervasive brand, boycotting any suppliers will barely register. People inclined to boycott NI probably aren't NI consumers in the first place, its just an excuse to encourage others not to purchase, which they probably won't because they have NI sentiments rather than (say) Guardian sentiments.

  • Good luck les08, it's not a bad idea but you'd probably have more response from smaller companies, especially those supposedly with a conscience such as the Body Shop who advertise with the NOTW.

    Prob better to write to Lynne or Jeremy supporting a public inquiry (there's an online petition somewhere too), and it can't hurt to drop a letter to Ofcom about News International's huge evil BSkyB deal.

    I've always boycotted the Police. Sting strikes me as a massive hypocrite, and their songs are rubbish.

  • I think a lot of "boycotting" comes down to personal moral choice. There are brands and shops I don't feel comfortable buying or buying from, but I realise that my actions won't make a difference to their profits or success one way or another. I'd just feel like a dick if I supported them.
  • @ emine - I doubt whether Body Shop would care, they're owned by L'Oreal and had a scandal of its own with racist memos demanding BBR models.

  • "I'm boycotting Tesco Stroud Green because it's a shit store and most of the staff are rude idiots."

    Indeed, I've been 'boycotting' it for weeks on that basis. And the next few months of inquiries are going to do far more damage to New International than losing the Tesco dollar would.
  • @Emine, think you're being a bit harsh on Sting there. Saw an interview with him with Elvis Costello the other day, and he actually came across as a nice chap who was sometimes misunderstood when trying to be funny in lyrics.

    If you don't shed a wee tear at Johnny Cash's cover of 'I Hung My Head', well, that's heartless... Plus, 'So Lonely' is aces.

    He is admittedly sh1te in Quadrophenia though.
  • He was alright in Dune and really good in Brimstone and Treacle. It's his Bono style vegan, tantric smugness that I can't be doing with.

  • 'Tantric smugness' - does that involve being smug for hours and hours on end?

  • In truth, it's Tesco's media agency who put millions in ad spend in News International's pocket as their brief will be to place media on the sites with the highest traffic. Job done.

    If you want companies liked Tesco to stop placing ads on these sites, the more effective route is to boycott those sites and get other people to do the same, less traffic, less clicks, big media spenders will soon pull out anyway.

    That said, Tesco on SGR is crap, so worth avoiding regardless of where the parent company spends their ad cash.
  • @Arky Yes, or years and years in Mr Stinger's case.

  • I like Sting. I like Police. I don't like Tescos on SGR. I like lamp.

  • I never use Tesco anyway

  • Liked Sting's cameo as the dad in 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'.

    I've got friends who are protesting against Sainburys, because a new one which may open on Stoke Newington Church Street, apparently is going to ruin the 'character' of the street.

  • This thread now requires one of these...


    I've been boycotting Stroud Green Tesco for months because it's utter shite.

    Waitrose Holloway Road on the other hand...
  • If anyone wants to buy some cheap ad space this week.....

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