• I'm daydreaming of a day out by the sea. Where's the best place to go, by train, from Stroud Green?
  • From SG?


    Crouch Hill to Barking, Barking to Ssouthend.
  • You can do St Pancras to Broadstairs in 1 hour 20 mins. £34 though.
  • If you get the Cambridge bound train from FP you can change lines along the way to get to the North Essex and Suffolk coast.

  • If you get the Cambridge bound train from FP you can change lines along the way to get to the North Essex and Suffolk coast.

  • St Pancras to Brighton in a little over an hour. £10 in advance, £15 on the day. At the weekend, though, you have to go from London Bridge due to the Thameslink works. But when those works are over (admittedly not until 2018) you will be able to do the whole journey from Finsbury Park without changing.

  • I'd do the Brighton one if I were you, you can combine it with a walk on The Downs. Get an advance ticket which includes bus travel anywhere in Sussex from Southern Trains (was about £12 last time I got it) and get the bus up to Devil's Dyke from just outside the station. It takes about 10 mins and boasts the most stunning views. Then you can get the bus back and enjoy an afternoon walking along the promenade/pier and meandering through The Laines looking at the little shops.

    Edit: The ticket you'd need is only £10 and available here: http://www.southernrailwaytickets.com/main.php?page_id=281

    Also, if you have a bike you can take it on the train to Brighton and cycle along the coast road to Worthing and get the train back to London from there.

  • Okay, now I want to go on a dozen seaside trips. Southend is winning so far, because Leigh-on-Sea sounds delightful. Brighton would win, but I've been there a lot already.

    Thanks all.
  • Went to Walton-on-the-Naze a few weeks ago, apart from the beach & pier there's that nature reserve at the end - on the "naze".

  • Instead of the beach, fancy Warwick Castle? £10 tickets on the Chiltern this weekend, get off, get back on...


  • Only used the Crouch End to Barking line recently for the first time in ages (since I was a kid anyway) as I went to meet some friends in Leigh on Sea. Was expecting old rattler type trains but in fact all the trains are very modern. Could do with them on the line into Moorgate!

  • Yeah those new Overground Trains are gorgeous.

    The new Thameslink trains will also be rather swanky: http://www.railwaygazette.com/nc/news/single-view/view/siemens-beats-bombardier-to-thameslink-train-order.html- Some of the suburban trains up through Finsbury Park will be replaced by these.

    As I understand it (Ali may know more) there’s some doubt as to what’s going to happen with the Moorgate link. The current trains on that route are the oldest in London (Class 313s from 1976-7). Anything replacing them (which will need to happen relatively soon) will need to be able to convert from overhead lines to third rail at Drayton Park as they do now. I hear that no other London stock is capable of doing this at present, and with the big change in service patterns from 2018 TFL may seek to take over the Welwyn & Hertford-Moorgate service, in which case we may finally see nice and on-time trains and stations that aren’t neglected and grim.

  • @ Miradola, it depends what you are looking for on a day out. If you want all the fun of the fair,with the kiss-me-quick hats etc, then Southend, Clacton on Sea, or Walton on the Naze in Essex are a good bet.
    However, if you just want to get away from all of that, and just fancy a walk along a sandy beach, and/or a swim, and generally chilling out, then Frinton on Sea which is a couple of miles away from Clacton is a good choice. You will not find any seafront kiosks, just peace and quiet.
    All are easy to get to by train from London. Whatever you choose, have a fabulous day out and I would love to know how your day went
  • Thanks Cookie. I'll report back. Hope your cats are feeling better.
  • I thought that the new stock on the North London line would have to work on both types of electrical supply as it goes from over head to third rail at one of the Action Stations as you go to Richmond ?

  • You're right, the new 378/0s do. The rumour I heard certainly implied that the route might end up as London Overground, so maybe that fits.

  • @ Cookie - Went to Walton on the Naze the other week, and apart from the bit near/on the pier I didn't see any of the kiss-me-quick hat and arcade type stuff. We enjoyed a very pleasant walk up towards the naze and some nice fish & chips. There were rather a lot of mahogany tanned Essex geezers and their high-maintenance wives, but apart from that it was quite civilised. We didn't go right to the end of the naze, but it is quite lovely and wild.

    Actually I have just remembered Bexhill on Sea, with the fantastic De La Warr Pavillion.



  • If you can get four people together you can get a four saver ticket to Brighton from London Bridge on a Sunday for £20 (£5 each). I'm not too sure if the deal is still on and if it's also available on Saturday. Went about a month ago.

    Another interesting day trip is the Seven Sister's walk. You need plenty of energy as you have to walk up many hills (not just 7). Take the train to Eastbourne from Victoria and then a bus to the Seven Sister's park. You then walk along the cliffs. There's a rocky beach on the way. The walk back to Eastbourne is about 9 miles but you can get a bus back to Eastbourne if you get tired at the half-way mark, at a rocky beach called the Berling Gap. My tip is to walk as far as Beachy Head (7 mile walk) and take the bus back to Eastbourne from there as the remainder of the walk (2 miles) is not so interesting.

    Again you can get a four saver but it's not such a big discount. I think the ordinary fare is about £16, but with the 4 saver it's about £13.50. £2.50 on the bus.
  • Yes I've done that, it's a fantastic day out if the weather is nice. You can get that with the Southern Rail ticket I mentioned above for £10 and it includes the bus, if the Four Saver thing isn't offered, I'm pretty sure it was just til end of August but might be wrong.

  • Why go away when you have this on the river


    It has a free photography masterclass at Hungerford Bridge for those on the recent photography thread.

    I like the idea of the cycle cinema - you rock up on you bike get plugged and cycle away to provide the power while you watch the film !

    Half of London will attend which makes it very crowded

  • I'm off to Whitstable this weekend. It's always nice and seems to have a balance of relaxion and plenty to do. Plus it's September, so it's oyster time, and you can BYO at Wheelers.

  • Tosscat, I yearn to go to eat oysters at Whitstable. Please post more information.
  • Went to The Thames Festival last year and it was an utter nightmare. The whole of London goes and it's too overcrowded and you can't move along the Southbank for pushchairs. I gave up after it took me two hours to walk from Westminster to Waterloo bridge. This used to be a nice little festival until about 5 years ago when it got too big for its own good. Hopefully the terrible weather we're going to have will put some people off.

    This year there is the Craft Trail, "a handmade journey along the Thames", mainly centered around Scoop, HMS Belfast and Tate Modern, where you can join in with workshops and browse through a selection of handmade goods from emerging and established talent on the UK craft scene. Crafty Pint, who do the workshops in The Stapleton, and MayaB from Knit with Attitude in Stoke Newington will be there. I love the sound of this, just a shame it's going to get swallowed up in the whole Thames Festival.

  • I second Whitstable! Easily done as a day trip on public transport, big thanks to tosscat for the recommendation on this board.

  • Well Whitstable was lovely. Aided of course by super sunny weather which allowed lovely beach time and swimming on both Saturday and Sunday.

    @KRS - the Whitstable native is supposed to be one of the best in the world, and they are certainly very sweet and delicious, although they didn't seem to be abundant - I imagined we would be able to pick them up from the harbour, but they were crossed off in most places. We went to Wheelers for lunch which was really, really good, and then back again for breakfast oysters on Sunday.

    Next stop Mersea Island (although it looks to be a shit to get to).

  • Leigh-on-Sea was bliss too. Very easy to get to and felt like a different world. We had cockles and walked all the way to Southend.
  • I was also at Mersea recently, it's only a short drive from Colchester. You will pass through the delightfully named village of Fingringhoe snigger snigger. You have to drive over a causeway that gets covered when the tide comes in.

  • @ Misscara - is it nice to visit? Suitable for winter?

  • @ misscara, the causeway can be a real pain, I know, however the majority of the Islanders are against having a bridge, possibly because it gives them a valid excuse for being late at work! Lovely place as long as you do not mind trudging through shell laden mud to get to the sea. Those shells can be sharp!!! If you have driven down to this neck of the woods, love walking, and plan to come back again, can I suggest two really Beautiful places? Dedham and Flatford are John Constable Country They have hardly changed since he painted his famous pictures. You can take a boat or canoe along the river. (my idea of heaven is a picnic with friends sitting on the banks of the river with a bottle of wine cooling in the river) Dedham has a fabulous pub called The Marlborough, which serves gorgeous food, and a Tearoom, on the opposite side of the road, and part of the famous Tiptree Jam company. If you fancy a cream tea, then this is the place to visit.
  • Tosscat - A gentleman friend of mine grew up on Mersea and he took me there in March on a very grey blustery day. We did enjoy a rather brisk walk along the beach with his sister's Labradoodle who ran into a picnic and made off with a load of sandwiches which was quite funny as we didn't know where he'd gone til we heard all this shouting from behind a beach-hut and saw him run out with them in his mouth. There are views across the estuary to the disused Bradwell Power station if that kind of thing floats your boat. West Mersea seems to be where the main population is, and the boatyard, oyster sheds etc are, and there's a country park on the east of the island. There's a Roman mound thing and a dead old church as well but we didn't go there. This place http://www.west-mersea.co.uk/articles/35-featuredbusinesses/63-the-company-shed is meant to be the best for oysters. More info on the island and things to do here: http://www.mersea-island.com/things-to-do.cfm. I don't know if there's enough to keep you interested for a whole day, but you could combine it with a trip to Colchester. I'd say go if you are into the whole oyster thing.

    Cookie - I haven't been there yet but gentleman friend has also suggested those places and describes them almost exactly as you do. I do hope to go there one day.

  • Really the Company Shed is why I want to go, but it sounds like we could spin it out for a day and a half and stay over - I have a really low entertainment threshold when by the seaside.

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