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{Notice: This thread may not be of interest to everyone. Or indeed anyone.}

  1. Well known web2.0 celebrity tries to sell one of his web businesses. "It's viral, we never advertise!" he writes. "Why not buy it?"

  2. Curmudgeonly blogger "dk" takes a photo of an ad for said product in leading magazine...skewering "no advertising" claim.

  3. "We forgot about that" said Web2.0 celebrity, who recognises being 'called out' and thanks decrepit curmudgeon dk.
    http://www.barenakedapp.com/dropsend/whats-going-on (scroll to the bottom)

  4. Web2.0 playa-hater dk retires to his bed sapped of energy, saying rude things about something called Ruby on rails and reminiscing about working 19 hour day in the basement of an investment bank.

  5. Someone points out this is an awful lot of noise for something that makes slightly less money than a sweet shop

  6. Lucy stops reading this thread. (if indeed, she ever started).

  7. It is revealed that Dropsend is apparently worth $900k. Minimum. Stroudgreen.org is immediately put on sale at £250k or a family pack of Monster Munch.


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    I shocked *SHOCKED* that David uses itunes and media player. Even I've given up on those programming monoliths.

    Foobar2000 (low memory usuage and a metric ass-load of plugins) and my ipod works everywhere thanks to this guide. Oh look. Not only are these free and do pretty much exactly the same functionality wise, my privacy is contained.

    Fuck itunes shop as well, i get my sweet sweet mp3s from hype
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    Seriously, I went through the entire set of players out there and while FooBar is good technically its wilfully awful in interface, and I want interface. MP11, while not fashionable is actually pretty good. iTunes is losing its way a bit and I agree both are overbloated.

    To improve FooBar's rubbish interface you need to code stuff for god's sake. Good sound yes, lightweight & fast yes, but it does not do anything like the interface that MP11 or iTunes do. And they've even managed to screw half their plugins between version 0.9 and before. I tried it for a couple of weeks and just did not enjoy it despite that sparkling sound playback. I want to keep my coding to work, not play.

    What does "metric ass-load" mean?

    I also use XPlay too. iPod has never been fully tied to iTunes, i've had mine hooking into various different players for years, and not being overruled by iTunes - just change the defaults.

    Where is Lucy? We need her thoughts on this

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    Oh, and a little harsh to call me a decrepit curmudgeon. I was merely calling out a lie on a topic I understand. If I was more political I'd probably be an activist.

    I'm not a Web2.0 playa-hater. I wouldn't be friends with you, Andy, otherwise.

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    I looked up curmudgeon in the dictionary. Seems pretty on the money to me.


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    For now-on-in, i will not use any of my personal slang, as everyone seems to need it explaining.

    What were we talking about?
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    Good call. It's strange that a language you have made up yourself is not understood by anyone.
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    curmedgeon yes, but decrepit?
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    does this mean that I will now understand what pete posts about or is it still going to be like Chinese to me?

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    On the reading threads notes, I tend to look for the shorter sections, so, almost didn't spot andy's little joke!

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    but seriously, I have no idea what any of you are talking about!

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