The Boundary Commission Proposals for our Ward

CDCCDC Stroud Green
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The Boundary Commission proposes adding Stroud Green Ward to Tottenham constituency. Any residents of our Ward who either agree or disagree with the proposals should respond to their public consultation by 5 December.

The Stroud Green Residents Association will be making their own representation to the Commission.

More information on the SGRA website, including an unambiguous statement on the matter from the Conservative Party.

All residents are encouraged to consider the possible boundary change and respond, one way or the other.

–Clive Carter


  • Thanks Clive

    How do you define residents :-)

  • CDCCDC Stroud Green

    Residents are those who live in the Ward of Stroud Green. Or, those who are (or should be) on the electoral roll and who, when voting in council elections, vote for councillors in Stroud Green Ward.

    Maps of the Ward (showing street boundaries) are a bit hard to come by. But the eastern side of our Ward is easy to describe: its the main railway line. I think the other borders are (north) Weston Park, (south-west) Stroud Green Road; (east) Ferme Park Road and one or two more.

    I think technically Finsbury Park is part of the Ward, but its residents (foxes, squirrels etc.) will not appear on the electoral roll.
  • This is the ward:

    Pretty much all of the Haringey side of Stroud Green, plus Hornsey Vale.

  • There is already. thread o this

    See Stroud Green - soon to be in Tottenham:

  • CDCCDC Stroud Green

    The Draft response from the Stroud Green Residents Association:
    (of course, individuals can and should make their own responses)

    The Boundary Commission for England
    Layden House
    76–86 Turnmill Street
    London EC1M 5LG

    via email:

    29thNovember 2011

    Dear Sirs,

    Re:   2013 Review of Parliamentary constituencyboundaries

    At a recent meeting of the above-mentionedresidents' association I was asked to submit our opposition to the BoundaryCommission's proposal to move Stroud Green ward from the Parliamentaryconstituency of Hornsey & Wood Green to Tottenham for the following reasons:

    • the obvious physical/psychological boundarybetween Stroud Green ward and the Tottenham Parliamentary constituency is theNorth/South Kings Cross to Edinburgh railway line.  There are few physical links between Stroud Green and theTottenham constituency.  There isonly one road link (Endymion Road) and a pedestrian path over the line at HarringayStation.  It was for this reasonthat Harringay ward moved into the Tottenham constituency when Hornsey &Wood Green was created.
    • the BCE notes that wards are well-defined andwell-understood units which are generally indicative of areas which have abroad community of interest.  Thereare strong local cultural and socio/economic ties between Stroud Green, HornseyVale and Crouch End that would inevitably be broken and diluted by changes tothe constituency boundary.  Residentsin the Stroud Green ward identify strongly with the communities of Crouch Endto the West; children are at school either in the ward or in the West of theBorough of Haringey; residents tend to use the shopping facilities of StroudGreen to the South or Crouch End to the West; residents' associations and localgroups are very much engaged with those in the West of the borough.
    • the local Church of England parish, the boundaries of which correspond fairly closely to those of the ward, is part ofthe West Haringey Deanery Synod and has historically strong links with the parishes of Holy Innocent, Hornsey and St. Mary with St. George (Hornsey).
    • it is appreciated that the BCE has the task of reducing the number of constituencies and to even out elector numbers to createviable constituencies.  However we would like to suggest that leaving Stroud Green ward in the Hornsey & Wood Green constituency (8,196 voters) and including Noel Park ward (geographicallyand culturally closer with no physical boundary) in the Tottenham constituency(7,866 voters), leaves the two constituencies at totals of Hornsey & Wood Green 79,924 voters and Tottenham 79,285 voters.  Noel Park also includes the Haringey Heartlands Development so the electoral roll will inevitably increase.  Tottenham, as a slightly smaller constituency than Hornsey & Wood Green, could therefore better absorb the increase in voters.

    Although last week's meeting onlyrepresented a small percentage of the total number of local members, it was100% unanimous in its agreement to oppose the BCE proposal.  In my capacity as chair of theorganisation I can also state that I have spoken to many residents and receivedemails confirming that the greater majority wholly agrees with the motion ofthe meeting.

  • The Police obviously treat SG and Hornsey as one.

    Taken from

    “Sgt Steve Whiting from Stroud Green will similarly take on extra duties in charge of Hornsey”

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  • That's new though Ali. That consolidation is happening because they're reducing the total number of teams.

  • Many thanks for that Clive. I agree with SGRAs conclusions, though the one about parish boundaries can only affect a tiny percentage of the population.

  • I know that but it shows they consider them to be linked – re-enforces the argument about physical separation from Tottenham  but not Hornsey

  • CDCCDC Stroud Green

    I think It's a small point the revised police coverage, but not a bad one and I've passed it on to the SGRA chair.

    The Boundary Commission's public consultation closes on Monday ...
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    A key issue with putting Stroud Green into Tottenham Const. is the difficulty for mobility impaired getting to any surgeries.

    However, I'm not sure about putting Noel Park in Tottenham.  I don't think splitting up Wood Green (the shopping centre which is definted as a Metropolitan Centre would be looked upon kindly.

  • OK, so the railway line makes a neat boundary, but the rest of this is complete nonsense. As a resident of Stroud Green, I want it noted that I have no problem whatsoever with moving into Tottenham constituency, largely because I am not a snob!

  • I recently had a so-called questionnaire through my door from the Lib Dems asking me to join their campaign against transferring Stroud Green from Hornsey and Wood Green consitituency to Tottenham.

    Presumably as the SG ward has recently elected Lib Dem councillors I presume that they are worried that the loss of 'their' voters to be swallowed up by Labour's big majority in Tottenham would leave them vulnerable in the new formation that will include most of the remaining Hornsey and Wood Green constituency.

    This reorganisation comes from the daft idea that we need less democracy by reducing the number of MPs from 650 to 600. It means bigger constituencies with more electors. The Lib Dems signed up to this when they demanded the voting referendum from the Tories. You reap what you sow.

  • It would seem that the revised proposals no longer give Stroud Green to Tottenham: North Thames/Hornsey and Wood Green BC.pdf

    Probably moot now of course.

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    Islington's Hillrise ward ('Crouch Hill') would be incorporated into Hornsey & Wood Green in this revised proposal.  Makes me wish that Tollington Ward would be too, which would unite most all of Stroud Green in a single constituency.

  • seems we are off to become a very far away part of Tottenham again.

  • That is a completely daft proposal.

    So the Stroud Green area remains split - a neighbourhood with a crazy boundary line down the middle of its high street.

    The Islington bit gets linked in a bizarre heart shape with Stoke Newington and the Haringey bit gets attached to bits of Tottenham as far away as Northumberland Park.

  • JC will also have to find another seat.

    I think David Lammy would be come our MP is he is re-elected

  • Sigh. Foolish decision.

  • So I guess another campaign to change their minds? It would appear that the arguments made back in 2011 still apply.

  • Also according to the bce map, finsbury park is not actually part of the finsbury park constituency. I'm sure the squirrels will be unhappy about that...

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