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Was passing the Upr. Tollington Park end of Charter Court today and the new cafe was opening for the first time (with free coffee). That's the place that had those lovely big pencil drawings in the windows. Got chatting to the two friendly guys in there, from Lithuania, who have done most of the work on it themselves. Good chunky wooden tables and benches, lovely sunny place to sit. It will be called 'Vagabond' apparently: no sign up yet. I don't drink coffee so can't rate it, but had a very acceptable cup of Earl Grey. Great to see something good happening with this corner - it's been a depressing mess for years.<br>


  • I also called in for a cup of tea. A nice bright cafe,they are planning on using the outside space of a couple of tables,providing they get permission. A small range of cakes and buns  on offer at the moment, well worth the visit.<br>
  • Im not sure where about is it? is it far from Stroud Green Road?
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  • It's about 2 seconds from Stroud Green Road, opposite the Stroud Green Road side of Christopher Charles estate agents and on the little service-road just behind the flower-beds, at the end of that row of shops that contains the Carribean Take-away, Smart Design barbers, and the Jamaican/African hairdressers. (The other end of the row is that funny Museum of Guillaume Somebody that never seemed to be open, and is now permanently shut...)<br>
  • thanks guys, im first when it comes to coffee and trying out new places :D
  • Just popped in - had a very nice latte, and they have a lovely looking range of cakes too. It's being run by a guy and his uncle, who live in Muswell Hill, and apparently their main focus is coffee. Interested to see what others make of it, given the views about what's on offer in the other local cafes.
  • Why did they choose Vagabond as a name ? Anyone know why that spooky so-called Museum is dead? Suspicious? That corner is getting a lot of tweets, tho not Doreen yet.
  • I went today, and have to say I was very impressed. Cool interior, very friendly service, and the best coffee I have had in Stroud Green. They have worked really hard to make a funky space, and clearly really care about what they are doing. They said they will be getting wi-fi soon, and widening the range of food, from  the cakes they offer now , to bacon sandwiches for breakfast and grilled veg / halloumi/ chicken sandwiches for lunch. I really hope they do well, as they deserve to. Do go and check it out. 
  • Popped in this morning. Great coffee - two different blends available! - and fantastic, friendly service. The guys have worked really hard to make the interior look pretty cool, just needs a bit of signage/branding and those seats outside to catch the afternoon sunshine. Great to have a place in Stroud Green giving prominence to coffee. Wish them all the best. Will be a regular for my early morn weekend coffees.
  • <P>Im with warbplag - best coffee i had in stroud green, and i think they use the same beans as coffee circus? i probably wouldnt spot it without this forum though, as the place is rather hidden away and signage is still missing. best of luck for them, i think i will be a regular for weekend treats :)</P>
  • Sounds interesting, I look forward to checking it out in person.<br><br>How long before the first complaint that as it's not targetting the homeless the name's misleading???<br>
  • <P>I like it too.  Excellent, except.......</P> <P>My gripe is that they clearly haven't been to Ethiopia to harvest the beans in person, nor slow roasted them over an authentic fire made of East African dried kolanji twigs with herbal elephant dung dressing.  And yes, the name 'Vagabond' is just hopelessly politically incorrect.</P> <P>Nice coffee though.</P>
  • My guess is that the owners have done some traveling. Vagabond is a popular hostel name. I've stayed at at least two.<br>
  • Sausage rolls?<br>
  • I like it too, nice coffee, homemade cakes, and cute wooden tables.   When I went in, there were a succession of people coming in and looking in wonder at it.   <div><br></div><div>A bike rack outside would be good.</div>
  • <P>A <B>vagabond</B> is a <A class=extiw title=wikt:drifter href=""><FONT color=#3366bb>drifter</FONT></A> and an <A title=Itinerant href=""><FONT color=#0645ad>itinerant</FONT></A> wanderer who roams wherever they please, following the whim of the moment. Vagabonds may lack <A title=Home href=""><FONT color=#0645ad>residence</FONT></A>, a <A title="Job (role)" href=""><FONT color=#0645ad>job</FONT></A>, and even <A title=Citizenship href=""><FONT color=#0645ad>citizenship</FONT></A></P> <P>so no doubt they will welcome dozens of unemployed,homeless,illegal immigrants with open arms,giving them free coffee and cake</P> <P>or will they?</P> <P>lets all dress up as rowdy vagabonds and go there demanding free tea and cake to test them...</P> <P>if we all get kicked out within seconds...then endlessly for months on end we should go on about the name of the cafe not being an accurate picture of what you get and how the name of the cafe is misleading etc....</P> <P>good joke krappy...</P> <P>carry on</P>
  • Popped in today for a quick take away. Best coffee I have had in a long time. <br>
  • They might change the name to more pc Ragamuffin. And the museum was open today . Suspicious.
  • <p>Long time reader, first time poster.</p><p>I thought I would finally subscribe just to say how good this little cafe is. Finally decent coffee on SGR. The hot chocolate is rather tasty too.</p><p>The two guys running it seem super friendly and it has a really lovely feel about it. I hope it takes off (the location is tucked back from the road a bit) as it has greatly improved my walk to work/ the shops!</p>
  • It will be a great spot in the summer if they can put a few tables outside, lots of pavement space.<br>
  • great coffee lovely place<br><br>
  • Lovely cafe, and very friendly. I don't drink coffee, but the tea was as good as teabag tea can be - though they said they were going to get some special loose leaf teas in. Not that expensive either. I hope they do well. 
  • Nice place, nice people, good coffee. <br><br>Could do with some music to help create some atmosphere. And of course some homeless people...<br>
  • Went in for lunch yesterday. Delicious egg and bacon sandwich. Very friendly and welcoming staff. Three different types of hot chocolate to choose from! Plan to go back soon.
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  • Just went there for coffee. One of the best flat whites I've had this side of New Zealand, and I've sampled quite a few.<br>
  • Hey everyone<br><br>Vagabond here.Thank you for your reviews.We are working on getting some more different types of coffee.planning on getting a permit for tables outside.we appreciate you loving our coffee and food,we will keep the coffe great and the sandwiches simple,afordable and delicious.also,we are expanding our range of sandwiches and allready have soup in the menu,homemade cakes too.working on getting looseleaf tea.<br><br>Thank you and we hope to soo you again soon.<br><br>Vagabonmd Staff<br>
  • Please can you get Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe, my favourite loose leaf tea?
  • Lovely hot chocolate. Only thing I'd change is the chance to have whipped cream with it. 
  • I agree the coffee is the best in the area. I can also recommend the chocolate ginger cake. Friendly guys and a good little cafe.
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