250ml recycled glass bottles wanted!
  • Don't throw away or recycle the quarter-litre screw-cap glass bottles you get from Tesco / Waitrose full of chilli oil or herb flavoured oil please. 

    I can re-use the empties in the Stroud Green olive oil micro bottling plant next year!  These 250ml bottles are incredibly expensive to buy new even off the Internet.  Rebottling and relabelling is a good use for them.   I'll take old bottles of the right shape and size and pay 30p each or you could collect them and I'll give 30p per bottle to your favourite charity. I'll need 200 next year!   Just private message me. Thanks!

  • I end up with a supply of slightly smaller glass bottles - 220ml - do you want these too, or just 250ml?

  • Typical or the Rubster to fenagle his oil.

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