Moving to Stroud Green - recommendations please!

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Hi there,

My partner and I are looking to move to Stroud Green in early February, and I wondered if anyone had any tips and tricks to share.  We've just started looking, so estate agents to avoid / seek out would be of particular use!



  • No idea about estate agents to use/avoid, but I always use for my initial search.

  • Thank you- I've been looking on there, but it seems January is quite slow so far (or our budget is pathetically small...)

  • Post on here what you are looking for and your budget, maybe someone can help?

  • all i would say is avoid Lorne Road, there are terrible hygene issues there and the smells never trully go away. The council fails to fix it and quite a few (but not all) of the residents seem very happy with a regular blast of s**tty stink all day long. A very nice road is Victoria Road which is more up market and the people are friendly and well educated in my experience - plus (big bonus) the stink of Lorne is nowhere in evidence. Good luck with house hunting. chang

  • Chang, where are you in Lorne Road?  The Lorne road stink has completely passed me by so it must be quite local.

  • @Abrexis

    You'll find a search bar up the top on the right. If you type in things like 'estate agents', 'barbers', 'schools', 'plumbers' etc you'll get more info than you ever knew existed on said matters. Good luck!

  • well it does come and go, but every week there is some sort of problem. on 2 january the postman almost vomited it was so unpleasent. today  it was very bad at lunch time when i came back but tonight no sign of the stink at all. the council did look into it and thought it might be you-know-what, but there is no real remedy on offer. for this reason (and a few others) I am looking to move.

  • Yes but which end of the street - SGR end or Florence Road end?  There must be about eighty houses along Lorne Road, plus several flat complexes.

  • I'm thinking of moving again and I was trying to work out what the best road in Stroud Green was.   Mount View Road obviously but it's a bit far from the tube and very expensive.    Albert, Osborne, Marquis and Lorne (I've not noticed the smell) are good in terms of location and they're quiet, but the front gardens are tatty.  Ossian is nice, but dark, I like roads like, Moray, Woodstock and Perth Road, because they seem to have a community feel to them, the gardens are tiny and all divided up though.   I think my favourite road has to be Mount Pleasant Villas, but there's hardly anything for sale there, even at busier times in the market.

    @Abrexis, you might want to avoid roads that are rat runs and also have humps if you like peace and quiet.   
    I think a flat where Islington Council owns the lease can saddle you with large costs for on-going maintenance as well.  A friend of mine has got to fork out £8,000 for a brick wall which needs replacing on Evershot.

    I don't suppose it's Stroud Green but I quite like Wilberforce Road - near the park and the station, quiet and pretty, but with a skanky edge.
  • There is a bit of drug dealing in Lorne Road in the entrance to estate that is halfway between Victoria and Stroud Green Rd.s  The guys who does it quite helpfully is identifiable as he wears  a shirt with a great big no 5 on the back of it !

  • and tell the Police?

  • This was going on near the electricity sub station at the SGR end about five years ago.   A quick call to the old Bill soon put a stop to it.   Come in No 5, your time is up!

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  • I think this is in your imagination.  I walk along that part of the street every day and neither I or any of the neighbours has ever noticed a 'stink'.   What have you guys been putting up your nose?

  • Mind you, there are a few houses up and down this street where I wouldn't be surprised to find some decomposing bodies.  

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  • Whoever smelt it dealt it.

  • @krappyrubsnif, is it more likely that more than one person has noticed the smell (two here plus a witnessed postman), or that your sense of smell isn't as acute or your timing has been such that you haven't smelled it?

    Anyway, I live in Corbyn Street and I really like it. It's quiet, I know and like my neighbours (apart from crazy cat woman), and it is in reasonable walking distance to the tube, bus stops, and local shops and restaurants.

  • @therattle, are you insinuating there is a defect in my nasal passages?  My beloved paramour Mrs K has an olfactory organ you would not wish to trifle with and she can smell a gone-off sprout in the back of the fridge from 300 yards.  She has never smelt anything in Lorne Road either.

  • @krappy, I wasn't insinuating, I was outright stating! Otherwise, maybe your timing has just been good, or the smell runs away when it sees you two coming.

  • @Ali

    I have noticed your comments about drug dealing. Any further information you can give, ie a better description, times of day it is happening etc would be helpful.

    Please contact me, or crime stoppers on 0800 555111.


    PC Paul KANE 263YR
    Stroud Green Safer Neighbourhoods
    0208 721 2837

  • Hmmm, not sure if I am allowed to do this, but I am thinking of renting my little house in the area [2 double bedrooms]. Might you be interested?

  • AliAli
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    Chang  have you noticed the work going on in upper Lorne Road?  A company called Clearaway has several vans there yesterday with large hoses etc.  Today a hole is being dug.  Could this be the source of your big stink ?

  • Has Abrexis moved to SG now or not?

    I like Tollington Park. It's close to the tube, close to Holloway, it's close to everything, basically ;-)

  • I like living on Tollington Park but it is very busy, and one of those streets that has such a lot of foot traffic you get people popping up in the bushes of your front garden, nicking things out of the leccy cupboard, parking on your drive, going through your bins etc. If you spot them doing it and challenge it, they'll tell you that's what you get for living here (I'm not making this up). Very easy to freecycle though as anything, valuable or not, put down on a drive will be gone in 30 seconds. Be careful when loading a car!

    Part of the street is badly subsiding, we've got cracks in all the walls. I love the wideness of the street, it lets a good bit of sky in through the window. All the houses are different and some are pretty grand. One big house went for about a million some years back. They put up fancy gates around it, but someone drove into them and busted that idea shortly after. Not really a street for gated properties.

    If I was moving in I'd probably want to be in Moray Rd.

  • I live in Moray Rd, it's great! Dead quiet, tree lined, nice size houses and a skippety hop from everything.

  • Oh dear. Luckily the house I live in doesn't suffer from subsiding. I take it you live more towards Hornsay Rd. then? Subsiding can be really dangerous.
    You are right, though, it's pretty busy. Then again, I used to live at the A10 near Stokey Rail Stn. THAT is proper busy.

    If I had to move, yes, Moray Rd would be a choice, too.

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    I live in Moray Road too, and, yes, it's as Miss Annie describes, although I assume she doesn't live near that bloody pub, and nor, thank God, do I. Who's that poor sod who does, and tells us regularly about their pain? Poor sod - I don't envy him/her.

  • No, thank goodness, I don't checkski. It's poor ActionVerb who lives right beside it.

  • Checkski are you related to Vetski? :-)

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