Cyclists on Mount Pleasant Crescent

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I am really worried that cyclist use this as a cut through but are going the wrong way down a one way street. People coming out of parking spaces could easily hit someone. I have tried stopping people but generally get rudeness or indifference. There is no cycle lane.Is it legal to go opposite the traffic flow? can anyone [?Police?] help before there is a serious accident.


  • cyclists are subject to the same rules as other road users. Unless there is a marked cycle lane a cyclist going the wrong way on aone way road is asking for it

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  • Look both ways before you cross ...

  • I must confess I cycle the wrong way down that road on occasion.  

  • I have cycled the wrong way up Mount Pleasant Crescent and other roads, not regularly but occasionally. My theory works like this

    1) you're not technically allowed to, but a bike is different to a car so you can bend the rules occasionally
    2) as you're bending the rules, make sure you are careful and be polite
    3) if someone hits me it's my fault

    That'll probably rile some of the non-cyclists out there, but in my defence I'm a careful, generally rule abiding cyclist who tries to behave with courtesy to others and think that if cyclists, pedestrians and drivers all accepted each other a bit more and respected that sometimes the rules can be bent and everyone makes mistakes, the world would generally be sounder.

    Dr Pea, You may also be interested to know that my brother damaged a car when riding the wrong way up a one way street as a teenager, the driver took his details, and the police told him he was responsible for paying up for the damage as he was going the wrong way.

  • We'll get the 'but cyclists don't have to have insurance' post in a minute.

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    Nice post Papa L totally agree. 

    I'm a cyclist and I'm insured with roadcare  -

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    There's more likely to be a 'serious accident' with motorists going through red lights at the main junctions along SGR, or driving across the zebra crossing outside Tesco when there are people using it, or taxis turning left out of the bus station (against an enforced turn sign, and across a green man on the crossing) at Station Place. These things happen much more frequently than cyclists on Mount Pleasant Crescent.

  • I think there should be cameras at the traffic lights outside Nandos to catch red light jumpers - and a willingness to use them.

    It has to be one of the worst places anywhere for blatant light jumping - when the lights change people just seem to speed up and make a charge to get across.  It seems to be worst along Tollington Park / Upper Tolly (both directions) which is bad news because that is the flow before the pedestrian phase.  Anyone who steps out a little early on the green man phase is at risk of being mown down by one of these idiots.

    White van man and clapped out hatchbacks driven by subhumans from Holloway and Hackney seem to be the worst offenders.



  • I used to ride my bicycle the wrong way down Mount Pleasant Crescent every day on the way to work but no longer do so unless visiting my friend who lives halfway down or delivering things to her door.  

    I now go round via the Victoria Road "stub" to Stapleton Hall Road to get to the five-way intersection and that is definitely less safe than going the other way!  At least once a week a car tries to turn in front of me when the light changes and I've been cut up by the N4 Gas van man a few times as well in that section.  

  • I was knocked over by a cyclist going the wrong way down a one-way street once. Tend to look both ways now.

  • As a cyclist I can sympathise with going down one way roads the wrong way in certain places as it can be much safer for the cyclist and even from a utilitarian point of view (car hitting cyclist on main road will likely do more damage than cyclist hitting pedestrian).  However, I cannot see justification for doing it on Mount Pleasant as it does not avoid a dangerous junction (Stapleton Hall / Victoria Rd is pretty standard risk) and you still have to go through Old Dairy junction.

  • If you're going to the Stapleton it's much nicer, than doing that junction.

  • riding a bicycle is no excuse for going the wrong way down a one way road. Yup a bike is different to a car When a bike gets hit both rider and biker can get severely damaged. So dont bend the rules. I drive , ride a bicycle and a motorcycle..

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