Stroud Green Conservation Area A.G.M 27 February 2012

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Talk and Q&A by historian John Hinshelwood




7:30-9:00 pm


Introduction to the Advisory Committee

Adoption of Constitution      Annual Report


Fair Trade Wine Available!


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    Please do come along. The Advisory Committee are a great bunch (me aside) who work really hard to fend off bad developments in the Stroud Green Conservation Area. This will be their inaugural AGM. There will be a bit of housekeeping – adoption of the new constitution, etc, but plenty of interesting discussion.

    This will be followed by a short talk and Q&A by local historian John Hinshelwood.

    Wine will be available at around £2.50 a glass to keep things running smoothly.

    If you are intending to come it would be helpful – but not necessary – if you let me know so I can anticipate numbers. A quick response here or private message would be great.

    Followers of my thrilling struggle to set up a Neighbourhood Forum should note that the CAAC is separate from that endeavour.

  • The CAAC gave a response to a planning application next door that did not raise any conservation issues but raised an overlooking issue that isn't a conservation matter, in spite of there being responses from neighbours that raised the conservation issues that they could have looked at.  This looks bad and it would have been better if the CAAC had not responded at all.  The planners might take the CAAC response as the one they should consider and disregard neighbours.  This is quite damaging in our opinion and very disappointing.  What is the CAAC about - to make comments on conservation issues or not?

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    Hi Rona

    Send me a PM with the details and I'll try to get you an official response.  It's not possible to formally revisit our decisions, as the deadline to comment will have expired, and as a group of volunteers we only have so much time.  It might be that we could learn from your objections though.  If it's a subject that you are passionate about then perhaps you would like to get involved?

  • Count me in!

  • Come to the AGM!  If you want to join the committee and attend the regular meetings drop me a PM and we can discuss. A

  • My schedule is way too erratic to commit to anything on a regular basis, but I'd love to come to the AGM and stay for the talk afterwards. Hmm. I guess it would depend on how frequent the meetings are... Hmm.

  • We try to meet every three weeks or so, partly driven by Haringey's three-week comment deadline on new planning applications.  But there's only a hard-core of four or five who attend every meeting.  There's a wider group of approaching a dozen who also chip in, including a rep from the Hornsey Historical Society (a local historian often mentioned on this forum).  Lots of our business is conducted by email.

    By the AGM we should have our website up and running.

    Come and say hi at the AGM.  I should imagine you won't have a hard time identifying me.

  • Which part(s) of Stroud Green is a conservation area?  Is there a nice map on a council web site somewhere?


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    There's some pdfs on here (isn't it nice how the subdirectory is called "democracy"?)

    And there's some background info on the CA being set up on here:

  • To answer Rhona's comments: CAACs can decide their own remit - Haringey states that the main part played by a CAAC is to provide a local focus on design, conservation and heritage matters (see their conservation web site, in planning).  'Design'  would certainly cover overlooking.  There is no national guidance on the remit or membershio of a CAAC (which may be a good or a bad thing!).  Do also bear in mind that all public response to a planning application is something of a sham as the planners do not have to pay any attention to it at all - in fact their decison must be made entirely in accordance with planning law, irrespective of any consualtation excercise.

  • Hi Rona - apologies for mis-spelling your name in my ealier post. Hope it's correct this time

  • The CAAC is a complete sham.  It is run, with the exception of Arkady, by a few do-gooders, at least a couple of whom don't even live in the 'hood, and none of whom have any planning experience!! If they think cutting an original Victorian sash window in half by the building of an extension, and relocating a balcony staircase so that it destroys the symmetry of the back of the terrace are not conservation matters, god help us!  It would be much better if they didn't exist - I think we can fight our own corner thank you very much.

  • That’s the second time in two days that I’ve heard ‘doing good’ being used as an insult. By extension I’m the only person that you have insulted, though I have no planning experience – I just care.

    Most of the CAAC members are architects, so your characterisation is inaccurate anyway Rona.

    Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that a mistake was made. Organisations make mistakes all the time. The British state, for instance. It doesn’t follow that the state should not exist.

  • Quick reminder that this is tomorrow night.  Do come along if you have an interest in conservation.

    I fear that John Hinshelwood is ill and may not be able to attend, but there will at least be some kinf of minimal historical presentation afterwards - even if it's only showing some of his excellent slides - and copies of his book will be on sale.

  • wow, looks interesting, Stroud Green needs a neighbourhood plan to make sure the council looks after it..

  • excellent site ..

  • Sorry I missed it.

  • It went very well. Bigger turn-out than expected.  Some good discussion, plus the committee was established on a constitutional footing; boring but necessary.  Thanks to anyone that came after reading about it here.

    Please do use this thread or the comments function on the website above if anyone has anything they want to raise about the Conservation Area.

    Right, now on to setting up the Neighbourhood Forum...

  • @taff bach: I'm sure your contribution to the upkeep of the Stapleton Tavern is sufficent sacrifice for the cause.

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