Olympic Parking Controls ... in Stroud Green?

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Olympic parking controls ... extensions to the current partking restrictions required in the SG CPZs? Discuss!


  • Just another way to find away to fine people and make some  extra cash.

    If the Jamacian event happens in the park for 10 days it will mean parking restrictions  anyway


  • I don't believe there are many people in their right mind who'd drive to Stroud Green, park, walk to the station and then go to the Olympics.

    And if they did, good. They might spend some money on our shops and restaurants on the way there and be encouraged to revisit the area.

    Perhaps we should, in fact waive parking controls for it for that reason, but then that would be a bit too much like helping local business people and we know the councils don't like that.

    If the Jamaican event happens (and also with extra-curricular Arsenal gigs etc), residents should be issued with free visitor parking vouchers to make up for it.

  • How about the council paying back  a dividend to those who pay for the permits whne they make a"profit" or do they very strangly  just breakeven or make a "loss" so they  can charge more

  • It's absolutely just another excuse to extort even more money from motorists.  I think the council realise that after a while we all get used to what the hours or operation and rules are, so they like to change them and extend the areas on a regular basis so they get to catch lots of unsuspecting people out.  They must make most of their money in the first couple of weeks of any change and it's very obvious they increase the numbers of wardens during that time - and when Arsenal are playing.  

    They must be very proud to walk around the streets of Stroud Green on any day of the week and see endless empty car spaces that could be filled with visitors coming to spend money in the shops and restaurants.
  • @Ali - I like the idea of the parking dividend for residents - funded by revenue raised on extra event days.

     Or they could just try improving the appalling road surfaces - as a cyclist they are near lethal, as a motorist they are very damaging

  • Papa L

    Interesting what you say aboutpotholes.

    I reported one and got this  back

    This email is to let you know that we have inspected the highways problem at Lorne Road, N4 Finsbury Park that you reported and have to advise you that we do not consider that the problem meets our policy for Reactive Maintenance intervention levels, which is based on the Local Authorities Association (Highways Maintenance Code of Good Practice)

    In general defects are repaired if they are regarded as hazardous or serious and in order that consistent standards are adopted throughout the Borough, clearly defined categories known as ‘Intervention Levels’ are set. These levels are detailed at http://www.haringey.gov.uk/roadsandpavements

    Additional information:

    + Date and time originally reported: 21/12/2011 10:48:20.
    + Location: Lorne Road, N4 Finsbury Park
    Further location details:  pot hole in the middle of Lorne Road  opposite no 18 Lorne Road

    I suspect they are hiding behind this as they have less money to spend

  • @Ali You have a pick-axe? Sounds like you need to make it a little deeper before they'll deal with it...

  • Good point. The pots holes are hell holes on a bike and the council behave like ars£ holes about maintaining this street despite all it's problems with subsidence, broken sewers and other underground demons which belch out I don't know what. There is also a very deeP pot hole in Sgr nr the worlds end pub. Full of water. I saw an old lady fall over it last night and she weren't drunk cos I helped her up. Chang

  • I don't think that's a pothole - the water main seems to have burst in 2 places by the junction of SG & Woodstock Roads. Have so far been on hold for 40 mins trying to talk to Thames Water!

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