The Noble - why?

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What has happened to the Noble! It used to be my favourite gastropub with gorgeous food... am so sad to see it so so different, nowhere near the quality it used to have. What a loss. Where has the chef gone?


  • Chef was sacked. Not making enough profit on the food. So, chef's gone, the prices have gone up, the quality has gone. Everybody wins. Or not.

  • £13.50 for sausage and mash is - quite frankly - taking the piss.

  • The middle aged geordie guy behind the bar is pretty unfriendly, gives Norman Balon a run for his money (although what's eccentric and characterful in a busy soho pub is just a drag in an empty stroud green one)

  • Totally gutted, huge loss for Stroud Green. :-(  Won't be able to go in again, too sad to remember how it once was.  If anyone finds out where the chef has gone, please post!

  • There's some discussion about its decline over here, but no info about the chef:

  • Oh dear.  The Sunday Roasts were the only roasts I would happily pay for.

  • You should treat yourself to one of Hawksmoor's Sunday roasts to make up for it - there's one in Covent Garden, and it truly puts all other Sunday roasts to shame!

  • I love love love the Nobel and I think you are being mean. I hope the chef comes back too but it is still good!! Simon Pegg likes it in there as well. Chang.

  • but he moved away ages ago

  • What's changed? I loved it in there. Last time was a few months back before it changed hands.

    Some of the best food in SG it had.

  • I haven't had food there, but I've been in a few times in the last couple of weeks and the (younger) barman has always been very friendly.

  • Still full of uphill gardeners?

  • Most of North London is on a hill.

  • Went in there on Friday night with a mate from Crouch End who'd never been in there before. The main courses were badly overpriced for what they were. Fish and chips at £13 was taking the piss, and not that good quality at all. But friendly enough atmosphere - the games need to be updated a bit though ...

  • Is the Chutney Ferret still on the menu?

  • There is a thought from some regulars (and I include me in this) that the Noble is being run down enough so that the owner can go for a change of usage with the council, turn it into flats and be quids in.  A real shame. But the only way to stop that happening is for it to make money, so people need to drink there. I really enjoy the Noble as my local and I like the people who drink in it. Dairy/Larrick etc much less so. So it keeps my custom.  And as for the Geordie barman - middle aged? He's not a day over 25, honest guv.

  • Oh and the chef has gone for good. Agency chefs at the moment and hoping for it to improve. 

  • I had a good meal there last night with 2 mates (no arsenic) and the price was fair, service friendly good vibe but sadly no Simon Pegg. Dont give up on it yet!!Chang.

  • This on twitter, presumably from Sam @mcneilpamphilon

    P: the pub I've worked in/run for 3 and a half years have just breached my contract and decided to cut my wage by 30% #thenoble #newowners

  • I saw that too. I thought it was illegal to cut someone's wages?

  • I fled there on Sunday avo to escape the football.  Very pleasant.  Sorry to hear that they are screwing their staff though; a boycott from now?

  • This is shocking. I don't think a boycott is right - it will help them close it and turn into flats or pet grooming place as some body suggested. Both not needed. Chang

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    Gutted to hear this as the Noble is mine and my housemate's fave place in
    Fp. Food delish, great wine and fab atmosphere. The chef there was so talented. Has he definitely gone? We must fight to keep this lovely pub open

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    I think it is an utter disgrace to Stroud Green that Arkady is calling for a boycott of a local pub such as The Noble.

    At a time when pubs close on a daily basis in the UK.

    Arsenal 5 Spurs 2.

    Arsenal fans should not be booing 2 goal Theo Walcott.Although he is inconsistent for the gooners.

    Let's hope it's a wing for Enland v Holland on Wednesday night.And that psyco gets a result like 96 unlike in 1990...


  • Any business that screws its staff over deserves to shut down.

  • any business that doesn't meet its customers needs deserves to shut down.   

  • Simon Pegg loves it. So do I . Chang

  • No he doesn't.

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