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    I'm curious, what are your objections?
  • *Harringay*

    52 Oakfield Road N4 4LB
    Removal of chimney stack to side elevation
    Consultation end Date: 16/11/2018

    Flat B 9 Oxford Road N4 3HA
    Replace all existing timber double vertical hung windows with timber sash double glazed windows and all other
    existing single glazed timber windows to be replaced with double glazed timber framed windows.
    Consultation end Date: 14/11/2018

    Flats A B & C 53 Florence Road N4 4DJ
    Replace all timber framed sash single glazed windows with double glazed timber sash windows; Other existing
    single glazed timber windows to be replaced with double glazed timber framed windows
    Date Registered: 16/10/2018

    8 Ferme Park Road N4 4ED
    Conversion of rear of existing ground floor commercial unit to a self-contained flat, demolition of existing ground
    floor rear extension and erection of single-storey side to rear extension.
    Consultation end Date: 23/11/2018


    72 Corbyn Street Islington London N4 3BZ
    Prior Approval Application for the erection of a single storey rear infill extension.
    Consultation Expiry date: 18-Nov-18
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    75 Hanley Road
    N4 3DQ
    Application for the external alterations and extension to the rear of the existing
    building at ground and first floor.
    Consultation Expiry date: 25-Nov-18


    77 Upper Tollington Park N4 4DD
    Loft conversion including 1 new dormer and conservation roof light to rear and 3 flush conservation roof lights to front. Replace existing concrete roof tiles with slate roof tiles. Minor alterations to existing rear extension at ground floor level, including new roof light, enlarged opening to form patio doors to rear and replace existing side door with
    Consultation end Date: 30/11/2018

    181 Mount View Road N4 4JT
    Erection of replacement single storey ground floor rear and part first floor rear projection, replacement of slate roof tiles to original roof, replacement of three front rooflights and replacement front timber sash window units, re-cladding of existing rear dormer in lead and alterations to rear fenestration treatment.
    Consultation end Date: 30/11/2018

    31 Quernmore Road N4 4QT
    Erection of a single-storey rear extension, replacing existing single storey rear extension
    Consultation end Date: 30/11/2018

    52 Mount View Road N4 4JP
    Ground floor rear and basement extension including stairwell in front garden
    Consultation end Date: 28/11/2018

    Flat 5 82 Stapleton Hall Road N4 4QA
    Construction of a rear dormer roof extension and associated re-roofing
    Consultation end Date: 28/11/2018

    2A Lancaster Road N4 4PP
    Construction of part single, part three storey dwellinghouse
    Consultation end Date: 29/11/2018
    25 Marriott Road London N4 3QN
    Two storey rear extension, single storey rear infill extension, loft conversion incorporating a rear dormer and front rooflights and enlargement of Flats 2, 3 and 5.
    Registered Date: 16-Nov-18


    4 Ferme Park Road N4 4ED
    Conversion of the upper floors of the property into 3 x self contained flats, ground floor rear infill extension and replacement of rear flat roof and replacement of rear window
    Date Registered: 13/11/2018

    Ground Floor Flat 107 Stapleton Hall Road N4 4RH
    Construction of a single storey rear extension
    Date Registered: 14/11/2018

    25 Oakfield Road N4 4NP
    Erection of second floor rear extension to form a new room and roof terrace
    Date Registered: 16/11/2018

    25 Oakfield Road N4 4NP
    Erection of second story side extension
    Date Registered: 16/11/2018

    10 Perth Road N4 3HB
    Proposed Rear Dormer Window with associated roof-lights to front.
    Consultation end Date: 21/12/2018

    49A Oxford Road N4 3EY
    Application for a part retrospective planning permission for the demolition and rebuild works with Minor alterations
    Consultation end Date: 28/12/2018

    Flat 3 56 Stapleton Hall Road N4 3QG
    Creation of a roof terrace with privacy screening, associated internal works
    Consultation end Date: 04/02/2019

    10 Victoria Terrace N4 4DA
    The erection of a ground floor rear extension with the removal of the existing rear first floor outrigger
    Consultation end Date: 04/02/2019

    79 Florence Road N4 4DL
    The proposed demolition of existing ground floor rear extension and replacement with new extension and infill side return with glazed doors and casement window to rear. Replacement of 2 skylights at roof level with proposed dormer window with casement windows to rear. Replacement of existing sash windows with like for like double glazed sash windows
    Consultation end Date: 04/02/2019

    Flat 3 56 Stapleton Hall Road N4 3QG
    Creation of a roof terrace with privacy screening, associated internal works
    Consultation end Date: 04/02/2019


    53 Stroud Green Road London N4 3EF Demolition of storage shed (A3 Use Class) at back form of property and erection of a single storey - two-bed dwelling (C3 Use Class) to the rear of no. 53 Stroud Green Road.
    Consultation Expiry date: 20-Feb-19
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    seems like the Former Lotus Motor Racing Car factory was at 7 Tottenham Lane

    The link above has all the heritage sites in Haringey not just Crouch End. Includes Stroud Green at section 5.10 Excellent stuff Gardener-joe
  • Sorry, I've been so busy lately I've been neglecting these.

    Flat D 133 Stapleton Hall Road N4 4RB
    Alteration of rear window to French windows and use of rear flat roof as balcony with associated screening
    Consultation end Date: 03/05/2019

    35 Quernmore Road N4 4QT
    Enlargement and extension of existing garages at rear of property for use as a studio, store and single garage
    Consultation end Date: 03/05/2019
  • HGY/2019/1064
    85 Upper Tollington Park N4 4LP
    Construction of a ground floor single storey rear side infill extension with replacement of existing lean-to structure.
    Window renewal on front and rear elevations. Renewal of main front door
    Consultation end Date: 07/05/2019

    21 Retrospective permission for the increased ridge height of the main roof
    Mount Pleasant Crescent N4 4HP
    Consultation end Date: 17/05/2019

    Ground Floor Flat 1 66 Ferme Park Road N4 4ED
    Replace existing single storey outrigger with full width single storey extension
    Consultation end Date: 17/05/2019
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    Basement Vista House 17 Stroud Green Road London N4 3FB
    Proposed change of use of basement from A1 (retail) to B8 (warehouse/storage).
    Consultation Expiry date: 12-May-19

    Flat A, 92 Hanley Road London N4 3DW
    Installation of replacement install replacement 3 no. double glazed timber frame sash windows at front ground floor level; 6 no. double glazed UPVC windows at rear ground and basement floor levels and 2 no. double glazed UPVC small windows one at front and one at side basement level
    Consultation Expiry date: 9-May-19

    Crouch Hill Railway Station 38 Crouch Hill Islington London N4 4AU
    Conversion of the former station ticket hall to a cafe/restaurant (A3) and basement excavation; conversion and extension of the former Station Master's
    House to provide two 2-bedroom dwellings; erection of three storey building with setback fourth storey to provide a ground floor commercial (B1) unit (60.5 sqm) and four residential dwellings with private amenity spaces plus associated landscaping, cycleparking, bin stores and boundary treatments.
    Consultation Expiry date: 26-May-19


    Flat D 133 Stapleton Hall Road N4 4RB
    Alteration of rear window to French windows and use of rear flat roof as balcony with associated screening
    Date Registered: 24/04/2019
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    Note the new application for Crouch Hill station's old ticket office/station master's house.
  • Sounds horific
  • Awful. Some development company has been sitting on it for years, and this is what they come up with.
  • HGY/2019/1224
    Stroud Green Primary School Woodstock Road N4 3EX
    Works to upgrade and/or replace existing fire doors, screens, roof loft hatches and associated works of fire stopping within the Main School Building to improve the fire compartmentation and safe means of escape in line with the Fire Risk Assessment. Minor repairs to existing external timber doors and windows.
    Consultation end Date: 31/05/2019
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