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After 4 weeks and 2K spent with a couple of silver talking cowboy plumbers from ratedpeople.com my radiators still emitted zero heat and all I got was excuses, blags and talk of more expensive work about boiler parts, sunken blocked pipework etc.<br><br>Then along came N4 Gas, via this forum. I think his name was David. Within 35 mins the system was rebalanced and radiators red hot.<br><br>So far, he hasnt even sent an invoice!. Completely reinstated my faith in honest, knowledgeble british tradesman. Just a shame I didnt find him/them earlier.<br><br>Highy recommend!<br>


  • I am not in need of a gas man but this post has really cheered me up! Not sure why, but ... hey ... must've been feeling low, ... so thanks ... sometimes it really is the little things
  • I hope you have unrated them !
  • I have also had professional, kindly service from N4 Gas. They are brilliant!
  • And me - infact, it turned out to be a small job and they have never sent me an invoice - I will be using them whenever needed. V good! <br>
  • I have raved about N4 Gas here before - they are indeed brilliant. Did my cooker and radiators, and didn't charge me for a small but worrying gas pipe job (for which they turned up within 20 mins!). In fact between them, and Ben at Tollington Plumbing who is also ace, we are spoilt for good plumbers.
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