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Anybody know what is happening with SG? There seems to be some major refurbishment going on.


  • I don't know details, but Bee has sold up and moved back to Turkey. She's planning on opening a bar over there. I don't know who the new owners are or what their plans are, but I suspect it won't change hugely. <br>
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    The place has been completely gutted by the new Turkish owners.  Chandeliers gone and replaced by spot lights, original bar ripped out and the place looks like a building site.  Don't know what they have in mind but my friend was meant to have her 60th birthday party there on Saturday and they just cancelled on her.
  • I hope they don't do a Chapter  One to it !
  • The door was open earlier and it looks they are really going to town!
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    Pleased to say much as we all had good nites with Bee , on a regular basis during the Olympics in my case, it's good to see it coming a proper rick n rock pub. Sadly needed. So cheers and welcome to Chapter Two!
  • The new owners have been in charge since New Year's - I'd noticed a huge drop in clientele but hadn't realised that was why. <br><br>Bea sold it last summer (I think), and has been in Bodrum ever since, but her sister (Cheedam) has finally sold it too. That's a shame - I so wanted her to do well. <br>
  • I asked one of the builders. Apparently, it's being turned into a restaurant.
  • Just what we need, although at least it's not another coffee shop.
  • Apparently Sugar Lounge lost its late licence because of noise, so that may have something to do with it.
  • What sort of restaurant?
  • Not another Italian I hope.  Some decent African cusine would be nice.<br>
  • Hanoi Grill would be ace.
  • The noise levels have been great since Cheedam and her nephew took over, but unfortunately they couldn't turn it into a profitable business; most of Bea's income had come from the late-night drinkers, and Cheedam didn't want to pursue this business model. <br>
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    After years of noise from Chapter One and Sugar Lounge the neighbours decided enough was enough and got their late-licence revoked in October.  Here's hoping for a more considerate bar/restaurant.  We're sick of this stretch of Stroud Green road being the late night rowdy quarter.
  • And K1 a few years ago
  • In the last couple of days, signs have appeared in the windows of Chapter One announcing its imminent conversion into some sort of world cuisine restaurant.  So that's two new places.
  • I was telling a friend yesterday that given Sugar Lounge's location (between Pappagone and La Porchetta), there's a better-than-average chance it'll turn into a pizza place. Okay, so it probably won't, but considering Stroud Green's attitude towards competition... !<br>
  • Great news about Chapter One World - good that the old vibe will be back with a nice twist (Thai and other foreign food plus chips). I hope they open before Easter, Rocky is down and I know he would like to go back down memory lane. Keep me posted. Chang
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