Threading in Finsbury Park/Crouch End?

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<p>Hi all - can anyone recommend a good and cheap place for eyebrow threading in Finsbury Park/Crouch End/surrounds? I've been going to the Blink bar at Selfridges but would love to find somewhere cheaper! </p><p>Thanks in advance. </p>


  • Try Candy Box in Crouch End
  • Best place is James Selby on Holloway Rd or thelittle cubby hole in Nags Head market. Both are MUCH cheaper than Selfridges! Both are very good.
  • I don't know how they are with eyebrows but the woman who does the threading at Selby's prevents me from resembling Tom Selleck
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    I have mine done at Be Beautiful on Stroud Green Road (actually it's on Charter Court - a few doors down from Vagabond) - very good and only a fiver.
  • <p>Brilliant - thank you so much for all the suggestions!  </p>
  • Try Beyond Glam on SGR . Jonty goes . Amazing results. It's opposite Thai Therapy Place. Combine the two? Chang
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  • On Clo's recommendation, I went to Be Beautiful for a threading. It's £5 for a tidy and £7.50 for reshaping. Cheap enough, but I'm not going there again.<br><br>This was by far my most painful threading experience. It's been almost four hours, and my brows still feel very tender. This has never happened to me before. I've heard people talk about how their eyebrows look bruised after a threading, but mine have always looked and felt fine. I don't know what this woman did, but I'm not happy with the results. <br><br>The best threading I've ever had was from Feroza in Covent Garden. It was almost entirely painless, and my brows looked great. She charges £15, which I used to think was too dear, but now I'd be willing to pay that just for the soreness to go away.<br>
  • I went to Blink in John Lewis Oxford street in my lunch break a couple of weeks ago and they were great! not cheap, but pain free and very convenient.
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