Are you too scared to cycle in London?



  • Depending on where you are coming from, there is a nice back route to Camden that takes you on a dedicated cycle lane through Whittington Park.
  • No, I wanted to at first, but all the stops and going through Camden put me off.
  • Nick, that sounds quite good. I don't mind traffic normally, but it's just too slow. 
  • So my bike has been nicked. My fault for leaving it unlocked in my back garden really. Low on funds right now so was planning to cycle into work next week. That won't be happening now. <div><br></div><div>Anyone know of someone trying to offload a matte black Cannondale hybrid that is in my profile pic, there is a slender chance it might be mine </div>
  • That totally sucks. Hope it was insured and/or you get it back.
  • Nope, money trouble led to me not being able to pay the insurance premium a few months ago. Forgot to renew now that I'm back in work 
  • :-( <div><br></div><div>How annoying. Hope things will get better and you'll either get your bike back or a new one. Maybe try to get one through freecycle?</div>
  • For those that remember the electric Boris style bikes that were suggested last year for Muswell Hill/Crouch End/Stroud Green - well TfL are still looking at this and looks like they have funding for it too.  Expect announcments in the coming weeks!<br>
  • The back route to Camden through Whittington Park is amazing and so much quicker than following the main roads! I use it to get from Hornsey Road to my office in Victoria and the only bit of traffic I have to deal with is about 100m around the bottom of Gower Street/Bloomsbury St<br>
  • N19: could you please describe the route in detail? I've got a very bad sense of direction and I fail to see how a detour could be quicker than Camden Rd. From Tollington Park to Regent's Park it takes me roughly 20min. Annoying!
  • I love the Camden road hill. Its the highlight of the cycle
  • Does this work:<br><br>For some reason it doesn't let me go a straight across crossing of York Way but there is a dedicated cycle route that does this.  TBH, if you were flying down the main roads that would probably be quicker but the advantage of this route is there's only 3 or 4 traffic signals on this route and no queuing traffic so you don't have to squeeze through cars/lorries/buses - plus it's much safer and more pleasant.  There's a few turns which you need make sure you take (the left turn into Dalmeny Road for instance).<br><br><br>
  • Looks like a big detour for me, but I can give it a try as I'm on leave this week. Any excuse to get on the bike, really. :-)
  • And Sutent: weirdo! I hate it more every time I have to take it. Don't like hills. At all. And I also don't like bloody long inclines. grrrrr
  • Camden road hill is a strange one as I always find it a harder cycle coming from Holloway Rd then when coming from Camden, it seems longer from Camden but maybe steeper from Holloway Rd? 
  • Matt: exactly how I feel. The way to Camden is a drag, but coming back is an easy one. Maybe it's got to do with being still in 'waking up' mode in the mornings. 
  • Just seen you are coming from Tollington Park so this is probably not worth the detour - I'd definintely recommend the parallel routes alongside Camden Road and then the cut through to Regent St though, avoids the horrible left turn from Camden Road and cutting across traffic.<div><br></div><div>The route is posted only had one short sharp bit of uphill on the route from here to Camden (along Dalmeny Road) as it mostly sticks along an almost imperceptible ridge so therefore you avoid the drag up from Holloway Road.</div>
  • Cheers, N19, will try out a few routes. Am a bit annoyed with the slow going in the traffic. I've found a good way to get from Regent's Park to Hyde Park with only a few traffic lights and quiet streets. The route from my house to Camden is the worst, even Tollington Park at 9am is terribly blocked up. I don't mind heavy traffic, but being stuck in traffic. 
  • For whatever reason the route I posted isn't showing up properly but in detail from Hornsey Road it is:<div><br></div><div>Marlborough Road - Kiver Road - Davenant Road - through Whittington Park - Yerbury Road - Tyhterton Road - Dalmeny Road - Camden Road (briefly but can be avoided by going through the car park of the last block of flats on Dalmeny Rd) - Middleton Grove - Hungerford Road - Cliff Road - North Villas - South Villas - Camden Sq - Agar Grove - St Pancras Way - Royal College St (best bit of cycle infrastructure in London) and then onto either Regent St or down towards Euston.</div>
  • Does no one else ever use the Hornsey Rd way to the Thornhill Rd, Ampton Place, Tavistock Rd, Gower St cycle route? It takes me about 40 mins to Piccadilly Circus on this and I'm quite slow. It's a really good route, you only use a busy road when you hit Gower St and Shaftesbury Ave. There's a nice hair raising bit where the east and west bound cycle paths cross over - keeps one on the toes.
  • I commute to Kensington, so over Camden, then Hyde Park is the best route for me. I made it in 30 minutes once, but was cycling as if the devil was after me. I'm not pushing it anymore and it takes me between 37 and 45 minutes, depending on my state of tiredness and traffic.
  • Stella that is amazing you made it at 30 mins. The fastest I made it to South kensington is 45 minutes. Its around 10 miles That is hitting hills at top speed and traffic lights all green. What route do you take?
  • Sutent: Tollington Park, Tollington Way, Holloway Rd., Camden Rd., then the one-way whatevertheroad's (Bayham?) called, turn into Pratt St. then Delancey St. then left and straight ahead into Regent's Park's Outer Circle till York Gate, and off onto Marylebone Rd. Then into Baker St., right into York St and zigzag through those small roads with no traffic or traffic lights until I come out at Edgware Rd. which I cross, then Connaught St., Albion St. and into Hyde Park, follow that Road to the right until I come out at Kensignton Rd. Queen's Gate (I think). Then there's a stretch of a very annoying Kensington High St. with far too many traffic lights for my liking. 
  • Would any of you guys be interested in doing the 'Strave Cafe Run'? The idea is to cycle between two cafes, Look Mum No Hands in Old Street and G!ro in Esher, taking a photo of you having a drink at both, then you get a free mug. More info here:<div><br></div><div>I'd like to do it but I'm a bit apprehensive as it's 25 miles from my place to G!iro via LMNH. It also has to be done in October, and I'm only free the weekends of 18-19 and 25-26. It is possible to get a train from Esher to Waterloo, which would cut down cycling distance home if we were too tired to cycle the whole 25 miles back. We could meet at LMNH for coffee/cake/breakfast/whatever and then cycle out to Esher together for yet more coffee and cake. </div><div><br></div><div>So, is anyone up for it?</div>
  • I would love to but I am away both these weekends<div><br></div>
  • Damn, I've committments for the weekends. :-(
  • Oh, that's such a shame, especially as you're both people I'd really like to meet!
  • But you've met me ... been a while, still. :-)
  • I have? Many apologies - I don't recall that at all. Was I drunk? When was it?
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