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There's a licensing application in the window of the old DIY shop at the top end of SGR near the tattoo place (the one with a blue front). Looks like the rumours of an Italian delicatessen are right. It is for a place called "Italian Farmer" to sell booze and food. Looks like they want to be able to open until ten in the evening, and to have the booze sampled on the premises as well as off. And the proposed licensee has an Italian-sounding name.


  • More good news - tho we miss that nice old coloured bloke who worked in the old DIY shop on that parade a few years ago. Chang
  • Hope it's not going to be floor-to-ceiling panettone like that useless place in Crouch End.<div><br></div><div>Any self-respecting Italian deli should stock the following:</div><div><br></div><div>Mustard fruits (mostarda di Cremona)</div><div>Coarse polenta</div><div>Salted anchovies.</div><div><br></div><div>We shall see...</div>
  • Mmm, excited at the thought of getting some nice goodies.  (and Chang I shall ignore your stupid 'coloured' comment since you've probably only said it to start another pointless debate)
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