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Three local favourites reviewed here, Vagabond, Front Room, Rub, plus Haberdashery in Crouch End. They have a beautiful new place in Stoke Newington now too. Any other thoughts on the breakfast options in Stroud Green/Crouch End? I still, after almost four years living off SGR, haven't been to Front Room although I walk past it at least three times a week. Just doesn't seem inviting.


  • Dream River is fine and good value, although never understood why you get some rocket and a dairlylea triangle with scrambled eggs and bacon.<div><br></div>
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  • Agree, Park Cafe is my choice when going for a brekkie. I, too, haven't been to Front Room, despite living in Tollington Park, and I never will go. Personal reasons.<br><br>When I lived back in Stokey, I'd go to Leo's Cafe opposite Yum Yum's. It's a typical builders' cafe, but the breakfast is excellent and good value. <br>
  • Haberdashery have the lovely garden room too now, never any prams in there because there are a couple of stairs. Haringey Market seems like a bit of a schlep from my side of SG. Where is the Park Cafe, is it the one by the lake? I actually hate eating outside so not bothered about patios and whatnot. I hear good things about the place on Parkland Walk.
  • Oh, I'm talking about the one at Manor House, not the lake. I've not eaten in that one, but the food looks good.<br>
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  • On the Front Room I've always found this place a bit snooty, the owners watch you like a hawk, the food overrated & they serve coffees in glasses without any handles (pretentious), only been in a few times but never warmed to the place.
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    Haringey is a bit further but it seems like miles away because there's no straightforward route. It's five minutes on the W7 to Crouch End. I liked when I went though. Hamlet was still great last time I went but Sunshine has gone dramatically downhill.
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  • Front room is great. Always consistently good food wise too.
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    Front Room - need to get there early . The scoucer is always good value with his breakfast tips. The sausages are good - key test. Ariana's Cafe, Sunshine and Angels terrible cheap ones. Park Cafe nice spot but they never take the Xmas decorations down and it seems odd to be eating in a toilet block - one of the menu items is 'flush special' which it a bit off. For lunch on Sunday, pleased to say Nobel is back on form with some lovely simple high quality roasts with meat from Godfreys. Went ladt week and mate took his family today. Indy music is a bit load and relentless tho. Very nice waitress too. Highly recommended and less of a yuppie den than Dairy (which to be fair is good too). Chang
  • Miss Annie, try Front Room - you might be pleasantly surprised. Nothing pretencious about this place atall.
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    I love Front Room and I love the owners. I remember (about a billion years ago), when I stuck my nose into a run down shop that a young couple were busily painting on a weekend evening. They asked me,a little nervously, if I thought it was a good idea to be opening there, as they were making a big investment to open a cafe in a street that didn't have really anything else on it. <div><br></div><div>They've worked crazy hours, and have done their best, and risked it all again when they took over the next door shop. They've tried to keep true to the things they believe about food, and they've been so successful we all take them for granted now. But it's still the same couple, working bloody hard and trying their best. <div><br></div><div>And I like the breakfasts there.</div></div>
  • With Vitor and Paola these two are SG heroes and it is good to hear of them Andy. Geeta in Tescos is another. i would add Rocky at Chapter One but he's long gone. on front room - When did it open and wot was there before? The point is u need to go early at the weekend. Chang
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  • Was Jerry the one with the teeth? Rocky worked mainly weekends and went out with Maud for a year but it all went wrong that easter. He is now doing the knowledge and lost a lot of weight. I've got pictures some where, will dig out, we had some good nites. Chang
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  • I find myself agreeing with Chang. Quality of sausages is a key test. <br><br>Front Room passes that - a lot of the cheap caffs fail to by serving those dodgy cheap ones that go unnaturally crispy on the outside and soggy on the inside.<br><br>I rarely eat out for breakfast or in Front Room, but I am glad it is a success. As Andy says they have worked really hard, taken a risk and tried to improve Stroud Green's offerings.<br><br>Piccolo Diavolo is a good bet for breakfast too.<br><br>Hamlet Cafe on Hornsey Road is a winner but don't expect gourmet sausages, bacon or coffee.<br>
  • Quality of sausages is key.  Bacon comes next.  When I say I want it really well done, that's what I mean.  If it's stringy and fatty I will be displeased.  If I say I don't like mushrooms, then I do not expect to find mushrooms or indeed any remnant of fungus on my plate.  Hash browns should be crispy but not dried-out.  Anything else I can be flexible about.<br><br>On this criteria, Front Room is best in the area, and also the best value.  Sunshine is good for quantity (indeed excessively so), but several leagues below Front Room.  If you could combine Front Room's food with Vagabond's coffee then I wouldn't go anywhere else.  That said, Vagabond do a mean bacon and egg sandwich with some seriously good mayo.<br><br>If the Triangle was consistently open at midday when it is supposed to be then I would rate it quite highly.<br>
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  • Odd, isn't it?  But yes, it appears to still be operational.  There are often people outside drinking cocktails, thought the outside is increasingly dilapidated. I confess that I haven't been inside for a couple of years either.<br>
  • I wonder if they still have a belly dancer on the triangle
  • No she lost her job due to the ahem Tory scum. Chang
  • Perhaps the Triangle should really be called the Bermuda Triangle.  People go in and get lost.  Inside there's an eternal party going on and a red room in the basement.  
  • Never ever been in the Triangle though did consider it once and looked at the menu outside. Must be one of the only restaraunts in the area I've not been in.
  • Weren't you banned tho ? Chang
  • I went about 18 months ago, it's a weird place but really enjoyed it, very good food and reasonably priced.  Now live a bit further away so don't venture up Ferme Park very often.<br>
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