What is WI all about?

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<div>The WI has recently been described as Britain's coolest members club, there's a scan of the feature here.</div><div> http://www.cathbore.com/?p=7454</div><div><br></div>As most SG'ers know there is a branch of thr Women's Institute in Stroud Green. Like most urban WIs it's not all Jam & Jerusalem, although we are keen on jam and have voted to wheel out Jerusalem once a year in honour of our WI tradition. We meet on the third Monday of each month, come and see what it's all about - all and any women welcome.


  • I would - but Monday is my yoga class and that is inviolable ... You need a second group on an alternative night, perhaps! I can't knit but I pickle damsons, and I can give a good rendition of Jerusalem.
  • Some bigger WIs do have more than one group. I don't knit, pickle or sing Jerusalem but I decided to start our WI anyway! I've enjoyed all the talks and activities but the thing I like most is being in the company of such an interesting, talented and all round amazing group of local women and knowing that we are part of such a fantastic national community. If you are interested in WI there are a couple of others that meet on different days within very easy reach.
  • Pickled damsons sound interesting! As Annie says, Kate, we'd be happy to put you in touch with another group more suited to your availability if you like. Knitting isn't a prerequisite!
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