Planning Application for Oxford House

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The owners have just put in a planning application - the 3rd in 5 years, I think - to Haringey Council. All the previous ones have been turned down. I'm only just starting to go through the latest one with a fine-toothed comb, but in case other interested parties might like to have a look, you can find the application here: <a href=""></a>; ref HGY/2013/2043. If you spot anything to object to, please do let me know - I'm an 'adjoining property' so can make representations to the council. <div><br></div>


  • Interesting to see what  gets flooded if the Mount View Reservoir bursts
  • <P>Transport statement in interesting</P> <P>Claims 30 peak hour trains and 17 bus routes from Finsbury Park.</P> <P>19 new flats in a street which currently has 13 residences, it is a car free development - if the new residents are allowed Controlled Parking Zone rights  space could be an issue.</P> <P>One refuse collection spot based on that works for the offices, will it not be somewaht diffrent with household waste from 19 properties </P>
  • @Ali, I was just thinking about the parking issue; I plan to measure the residents' bays on the street. Rubbish has also struck me - 19 household waste wheelies + 19 recycling wheelies is an awful lot of wheelies. I don't quite understand how they can say vibration from trains isn't an issue - daytime trains are OK, but night time trains shake my house (I don't know if they're e.g. cargo trains or something else heavier than standard passenger trains, though). Will continue reading...
  • It will probably  have piled foundations
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  • From what I can see from glancing at then plans, it will be car-free with 19 secure bike-spaces (so Haringey won't issue car permits.<div><br></div><div>The existing building appears to be being converted, so no piling.</div>
  • Why are they applying for planning permission, surely this conversion of an office to residential falls within Permitted Development rights?
  • I'm not entirely sure - perhaps because we're in a conservation area? I'm a bit baffled by the 19 bike spaces - 19 flats, ranging from 1-3 beds, suggests many more than 19 occupants!
  • I suppose they think that not everyone will cycle.
  • The London Plan standards state should be 1 space per 1-2 bed unit and 2 spaces for 3+ beds.  PLenty of people either keep their bikes in their flat or don't cycle at all.  I'm not sure what the Harringey standards are but if you didn't want this development then that's definitely a point you can raise.
  • I'm undecided on this variant - their previous applications have been totally unworkable (one version wanted to tear down the facade!!), so I am somewhat suspicious of the owners' intentions.
  • haven't read the planning app but i like the building. as long as they aren't planning to knock it down then I think it could be a good thing. it's the state of disrepair and the signs that look awful at the moment.
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  • @Donna, they can't knock it down, fortunately. <div><br></div><div>@Misscara, I've never been in but one of our WI members has her office there. Several of my cats have been in, I think, through a broken window at the back!</div><div> </div>
  • @misscara - there's an evangelical church in there that meets on sundays. there are also a couple of writers and what used to be a language school. 
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  • And drumming too, normally
  • If they sing & drum now, they do it very quietly - I'm generally home on Sun mornings, and I don't hear them.
  • Evangelists /Full Gospel aren't usually big on drumming. Tends towards clapping, chanting, and very enthusiastic choirs. Pentecostals are very keen on drums and speaking in tongues, but if it was a Pentecostal church you wouldn't have had to sneak in, you'd have heard it from outside!
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