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Hello/Questions for Tollington Safer Neighbourhood Team

Hi everyone,<br><br>Like Tom, I'm also covering news in Tollington for Islington Now. It's just the two of us so you shouldn't keep getting swamped by student journalists!<br><br>I'll be speaking to Sergeant Erica Crawshaw from the Tollington Safer Neighbourhood Team some time over the next couple of days. If anyone has any issues they'd like me to bring up with her, let me know and I'll do so.<br><br>Great to see such a thriving community here, I'll try and get involved where and when I can.<br><br>Thanks,<br>Anthony Organ<br>


  • Hi. Pls note from previous thread an allegation of drug dealing in the doors and loos of old dairy pub. This should be investigated and if true exposed and police involved and dealers and users prosecuted and forced to you know what. Chang
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