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Volunteers needed for research study on internet privacy

edited October 2013 in Classifieds
My mother's undertaking a research study on internet privacy, how people define it and feel about it, so details are below in case anyone's interested - she's only here for a few weeks, and she needs people to interview. <br>--------<br><br>This privacy boundaries study is currently being undertaken by Dr Karmen Guevara of Cambridge University's Computer Laboratory with the EU Network of Excellence in Internet Science. <br> <br>The overall aim of the study is to explore whether there are correlations between an individual’s psychological boundaries and how they determine the boundaries between what is public and private, both offline in real life and in their internet behaviours. <br> <br>An objective is to explore the question why a discrepancy appears between offline and online privacy behaviours. <br> <br>The questions cover a range of themes from family, neighbours to personal possessions to understand how participants draw boundaries in their offline lives, and exploring participants’ attitudes and behaviours towards privacy on the internet. <br> <br>The interviews will take approximately three hours and will be held in Cambridge and London from 15 October until 15 November. A reward will be given for your time. <br><br>If you are interested, and for more information, please contact Dr Karmen Guevara on  <a href=""></a> or 07593 593 466 (her website is <a href=""></a> for more information about her work). <br>
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