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  • Hello everyone! Recently moved into the area, we are a couple and one child, who is already attending Pooles Park. However, he is struggling to make new friends, we come from a small town where of course was easier...If anyone is in the same situation, he is nine, loves lego, drawing, pokemon and generally been a playful kid...I had to try! Good day to you all!
  • Hi Silvia. Welcome to the neighbourhood. My daughter is 7 and goes to a different school but loves Pokémon and is part of the local Pokémon community (yes there is one!). Let me know if you would like to meet up.
  • Hello, Luke here, recently moved to Stroud Green with my partner after living in Hornsey and Brownswood for the last few years.
  • Hey guys I'm new to the site but not the area.. I've posted an Add in classifieds offering my
    Services as a dog walker?? Hope ur all well this evening
  • Hello!! We've moved to the area almost a year ago, although we used to live in the ladder, so we were familiar to the area before that! Our neighbours recommended this site! :)
  • Hi all - does anyone actually know how I can remove my account on SG?
  • I can delete it for you if you like.
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