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  • Have you never read or seen her columns in newspapers or magazines? I liked her features in Melody Maker in the olden days, bit shouty for me these days but generally a good egg. Humour is a bit Young Ones...if you like that sort of thing?
  • Not for the first time, I had to look her up. I obviously read the wrong newspapers or the wrong bits of the right newspapers, and I purposely don't follow *anybody* famous on Twitter. If she is a columnist, does that make her a 'celeb'? I find most columnists, especially vacuous female columnists, intensely irritating. Unless they're funny. What makes her worthy of comment apart from living round here? Is she any good? Does she write for the Daily Mail? In that case, she's on my blacklist right away. Oh, and as the judge said in about 1967 - who are the Beatles?
  • No, The Times primarily. Sometimes she's funny, sometimes she writes really good pieces on social issues, and sometimes she writes things so cringeworthy that I can't get past the 2nd sentence!
  • Especially females Krappy, why so? She's won loads of prizes and journo awards for her columns and her book. @Arkady holds her in high esteem.
  • What vetski said. She isn't perfect, but she is often funny and kind.
  • Caitlin appeared on lots of TV magazine style programmes back in the 90s when she wrote for Melody Maker. As Annie said she was quite interesting then.  Hit and miss now.
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    @miss annie No particular reason, except that columnists of either or any gender often tend to be about 'me, me, me', which is inherently irritating, and can have the effect of accentuating any underlying gender conflict/differences. And then it can be a matter of relevance too. I am not a female in, say, the 30s-40s age bracket, so I am unlikely to have the same interests and priorities. I am sure this particular lady is not like this at all, but I can think of several writers who are. Several from the Times Saturday Magazine which is dire (ditto the Observer Magazine). For the record, I don't get off on fast cars, trains, computer geekery or hunting large carnivorous megafauna either, and football leaves me cold. I do quite like space travel though. Apologies, it is Boxing Day, I reserve the right to be grumpy. PS I rarely watch TV magazine style programmes, which is the main reason I don't know diddly-squat about anything or anyone that matters, unless they're dead (which makes TV appearances difficult).
  • Moran sometimes joins Charlie Higson and David Arnold's generally victorious team at the Tufnell Park Tavern quiz. <div><br></div><div>I've still not seen Capaldi, though loads of friends have. Probably for the best as I would go total fanboy and possibly yell 'Kidneys!'</div>
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    @krappyrubsnif<;div><br></div><div>I happen to be  female and in the 30/40 age brackett and not to find CM funny at all... and do not feel like I share the same priorities and interests, either.</div><div>I find her stuff rather cringeworthy and can't stand her perennially wide open gob expression.</div><div>Granted, I am not British and possibly I do not get the humour for cultural reasons, but to each their own, I suppose...</div><div><br></div><div>@Mirandola - she wasn't too kind to people affected by HIV...</div>
  • @themimsy, That's not quite fair. She's made some tasteless jokes (tweeting something like 'I have to get up at 5am tomorrow - it's like having AIDS). Perfectly reasonable not to find her funny.
  • Ever ready to challenge my own prejudices and feeling less grumpy, I've now actually read a couple of her Times columns. I concede that she's a very good writer. She belongs to a venerable tradition of journalists and authors who can spin words enchantingly, but does she really have much to say? I'll reserve judgement until I've read some more. But I'm definitely not rushing out to buy 'How To Be a Woman' (until the money for the sex change op comes thru). And I really dislike that picture.
  • How To Be a Woman was very good in parts but there were entire chapters that I didn't connect with, and I am a woman. I'd probably recommend it more for the under 30's.
  • Liam Gallagher in the Victoria Stakes rite now
  • Is Liam on starting orders by any chance?
  • Boris Johnson was on my train last Wednesday, then on Thursday I saw Matt Smith and Una Stubbs (separately), on Piccadilly, and Prince Charles doing a press thing in Green Park.
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    Sure I've just seen Johnny Depp sauntering down Jermyn Street (looking a bit rough). Although that could be wishful thinking.
  • I saw Depp in Greenwich when he was filming Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Greenwich is pretty good for sleb spots because they film at the Old Royal Naval College quite a lot. Also saw Ben Barnes when he was filming Dorian Grey. Watched them filming The Wolfman and an episode of Spooks too, but didn't see any of the stars.
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  • Most venerable thread on the site this, surely. Stewart Lee in a pub off Green Lanes.
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    Did he look fat, and depressed, and fat?
  • Morrissey's let himself go etc.<br>
  • I saw <span style="font-style: italic;">Apprentice</span><span style="font-style: normal;"> winner Dr Leah Totton at FP underground station the other morning.  </span>
  • Stewart Lee lives in Stoke Newington I think.
  • So Finsbury Park was temporarily closed again this morning due to overcrowding.  Like half of the crowd waiting outside I decamped to Starbucks, where I spotted a frustrated-looking Douglas Alexander.  <div>I suggested to Dougie that his coffee should surely be prioritised, to which he sensibly responded "I think that's the fastest way to lose votes".  He then whinged about the station being overcrowded.  When I told him to wait and see what it was like when they closed the Wells Terrace entrance for 2.5 years he looked absolutely horrified.</div>
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    I haven't been that impressed by the coffee at the Park.  I usually go to the new little place next door, but I fancied a chai latte.<div>I feel so bourgeoise.</div>
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