Traiteur - now open. Deli/cafe/restaurant...

We've been in three times over the last week. great service and delicious food. There's a mix of pies, sausage rolls, croquettes, and amazing doughnuts...I believe they are going to have a three course menu each week for bookings. There desserts are incredible from what we had....Highly recommend. They are also a catering company for various events. Located between the Old Dairy and Max's sandwich place.


  • Saw this a couple of days back. Looks classy. Couldn't see a proper seated area though, is it out the back?
  • There's a small number of seats inside on the side. He did say that he is using the space for catering jobs also, and his aim is to have bookings for a certain number in the evenings where it will be closed to those who've booked for that particular menu. Small and intimate. However don't quote me i'm sure a lot of it is work in progress and development for how and what will work for customers in this area. but so far great food and service...
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    Love the guff: _artisan coffee_ : not sure what that could be. _seasonal, local produce sourced from the area_ : not sure what that could be. ["Err? Maybe you could just go there and ask?" Ed.]
  • Maybe they go foraging in Parkland walk for seasonal local produce
  • Or buy from the local allotments?
  • Just wondering if it was possible for contributors to avoid sneering at people who have the courage to start and run a new business in our area. Ta.
  • Your request has been noted Brodiej
  • Well said @Brodiej
    Hats off to people who are investing time and money in a new business
    I wish them well!
  • Went to this place this morning with my little daughter. It's run by lovely people. I had a sausage roll made with chicken and a blueberry slice with a coffee. Fantastic food, and not expensive at all. Get down there.
  • A sausage roll made of chicken? What will they think of next?
  • Great to see a new place opening in our area with top quality food. At first I thought it looked too posh for the likes of me but after a beautifully roasted coffee with a meltingly lovely dark chocolate brownie, I decided to try one of their take away salads for lunch...... well worth the price of £4.50.. Delicious....Next time when I haven't spoilt myself with any of their homemade patisserie I will try one of their chorizo scotch eggs which my son tells me are the best. As odd stewart says...get down there..... seats are in a quiet corner of the shop.
  • Just found their website which I think throws light on why this coffee shop is a bit out of the ordinary.
  • A sausage is ground protein/meat. It can made of anything. Quorn, beef, veal etc
  • @sanserifa where would you ordinarily go?
  • With Italian Farmers seemingly permanently closed I am glad of another lunch option. I'll give it a try soon. (Speaking of lunch options, Granny's Takeaway opposite Tesco does a pretty good goat curry, rice & peas).
  • I know what a sausage is Sutent, I just don't know why you'd make it from anything other than pork. Yes, I know you're veggie.
  • @miss annie, maybe people who don't eat pork still want sausages? Anyway, you haven't lived if you haven't had lamb sausages.
  • Tried it today, it was really nice and I think not overpriced. Definitely a great addition to Stroudgreen.

    So, Italian Farmers is gone... Has this been confirmed?
  • Went into Traiteur on Saturday morning. They've done it out really nicely. A couple of tables to sit at inside and a bit in the window. Coffee was very good - and usual price for a decent coffee. Sausage roll and scotch eggs were superb. People in there were very friendly. I wish them very well. A good place.
  • Got a little update for those who are curious about this new establishment. Run by a good friend of mine who is a fanatic chef. Apart from creating an amazing menus for big events he wants to give locals an opportunity to try some of the dishes. In nearest future the set menu diners will take place. Don't forget about an amazing cup of coffee or loose tea selection! It's a newly opened place so more to come...
  • Purchased some croquettes and some cheese & spinach pastries the other day. Seriously delicious.
  • Popped in this morning for a coffee. Daram is a thoroughly lovely chap, and personally hyper-local - his family were living on Hanley Road when he was born!
  • Update on Italian Farmers…opening again soon.
    They know it's been a long time, but they say they are almost there.
  • On a side note, I went into Rodrigo's for the first time on Saturday for a coffee and hot chocolate with my daughter. Was very nice and very friendly - food looked decent too. Will try it out next time.
  • Went back to Traiteur this week end and got the confirmation the quality is really good. The little "financier" cake are just insane! Probably the best place for brunch in Stroudgreen :)
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  • It seemed to me that they might be able to get 6 to 8 people in at one time or is there some other space ? I really hope that Italian Farmers return although it will be 15 to 20% more expensive because of Brexit and devaluation against the Euro
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