Exeter street bakery shut down / new restaurant 'Walnut'

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"Due to unforseen circumstances" the place is now closed. Quite sad as i went there several times. Does anyone have more info?


  • Interesting ... I thought they were doing quite well.
  • I've just seen the note on the door too - clearly written in a great hurry on a scrumpled piece of paper. The inside has been almost completely cleared, but there's still oil on the tables. Very odd.
  • Wasn't there something about their licensing a while back? I'm sure there was a retrospective planning application for restaurant use in one of Arkady's updates. Maybe they didn't get permission and the council clamped down.
  • Is this a case of a pop-down cafe?
  • Well-remembered, @miss annie ! It was planning application P2015/3078/FUL in summer 2015, which was approved with conditions (I haven't yet discovered what the conditions were). But someone who was looking at the sign at the same time as me said that it was open yesterday, so I suspect a financial rather than a council problem.
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    Yeah, I saw the note yesterdy as well and I was gutted. The bread was fantastic and also the pizza. It was a nice spot to go to get this things. Financial wise it's a bit strange, 'cause they used to be always full, and they were quite a popular stop. I've tried to ask them on twitter but I did not have that... The website is still up and kicking: http://www.exeterstreetbakery.co.uk/ Very very strange.
  • John Jones will know what has happened
  • Was there bread? I went in once to get some, and they not only didn't have any but seemed surprised at the request. But that was quite soon after they opened, and I didn't go back to find out if things changed!
  • They did have rather nice bread, Kate, but a pretty limited quantity for a bakery.
  • Also, the service left a lot to be desired IMO.
  • I thought the bread was quite underwhelming, given the price. and I told them twice that their garlic oil was a breeding ground for botulism, but they didn't seem to understand.
  • @therattle that's pretty shocking, had no idea you could get that from garlic oil :astonished:
  • Indeed you can. Botulism grows in anaerobic environments and the spores are found on garlic. The oil either needs to have been heated or have an acid present to prevent spore growth.
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    Anymore news on what happened to Exeter Street Bakery? Am also intrigued about the demise of The Hopsmiths.

    Both seemed to be doing well - shame to see empty units in busy areas.
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    noodles - regarding the Hopsmith I believe the brewery Late Knights Brewery who obtained the pub went under. Shame as it was becoming my favourite pub in the area.
  • Hopsmiths also were paying 45K a year rent from memory, way too much for that operation.
  • The original Exeter Street bakery just off Kensington High Street is still open.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    .....something better might come along in its place......
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    fingers crossed it's another italian deli or restaurant...

    speaking of which, work has started on the old gustavo's site at the bottom of crouch hill. sadly that unit has been somewhat of a poisoned chalice.
  • I'd love a retail outlet of Frank Godfrey butchers, and/or a branch of Walter Purkis fishmongers. They could do a joint venture and share the lease.
  • Anyone used the butchers up beside Tesco's - was wondering what it is like compared to Tony's ?
  • Compared to Tony's I give it 6 out of 10, the meat was tough and with little taste, will not be going there again will stay with good old Tony best butcher in the area.
  • Re Hopsmiths, as djmattyoung says, Late Knights went under. While some of their pubs are still operating under a new brand, the Hopsmiths was considered too much of an outlier, geographically, for the new people to want to continue with. I guess the rent was also an issue, that sounds like a pretty high bar to have to get over.
  • I've just looked at the ESB website, & it's been taken down.
  • I contacted ESB via Twitter and did not get a response...
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    I liked Hopsmiths as well but it lacked the staying / pulling power of say Haringey Arms or the Dairy.

    I've been there with several different people and after 1-2 everyone was ready to move on.

    A certain sandwich seller was taking a slight interest when i last spoke to him, that rent though....
  • I'd be extremely happy if max took over the Hopsmiths. A craft beer house with that sort of cuisine...
  • Is Tony's really good? I went once and was disappointed, but can't remember quite why now. I think they didn't have what I was after and only frozen chicken, or something. I tend to go to Baldwin's on green lanes but perhaps I'll give him another go.
  • I've found Tony's somewhat hit & miss too. Mostly good, but I got some mutton passed off as lamb once.
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    @Arkady I agree about Tony's. This has niggled me this week. I like them and have been a loyal customer for a while, but just recently I’ve been wondering if he is taking the piss. The last thing I bought I found *much* cheaper the next day at Freemans in Crouch End, which surprised me. And sometimes I get the ‘mutton passed off as lamb’ feeling too. He doesn’t have prices marked up. Check prices first.
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