Haggis appeal

Does anyone know of a haggis recipe that will sort of disguise the fact that what you have on your plate is....haggis. I was thinking of something sort of new European cuisine or fusion food, where the haggis gets cleverly paired with or subsumed in something non-haggisy. My problem is I have bought a haggis for three, but, sad mistake, I’m the only one in the household who eats it. Others claim it is ‘yuk’, ‘disgusting’, ‘revolting’ or various similar descriptions, based on the myth that you are eating sheep intestines mixed with gruel. Personally, I love haggis but I’m not sure I can eat it three (or four) nights in a row. I was thinking of passing it off to my unsuspecting housemates as...er.....dunno, sausage? Shepherds pie? Unspecified curry? Or would that be cruel and unusual punishment?


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