Farmers Market STARTING 10th September!



  • Bee, that's awesome that you like it! This week at last there should be a second veg stall to give even more variety...keep coming!
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    Thanks again Ned for making this happening. Bread by bike is nice, but we can already find there product at deli@80. To be honest, if I could choose, I would rather prefer to have a proper E5 stall, which I think is amazing :)

    On the very first day, I remember a "galettes and crepes" stall was mentioned. So, I started dreaming about it and then what.... What happened?
    I think it would be amazing as a second option for hotfood!

  • Went again. Still ace.

    The coffee guy really needs sorting though. Great product, disastrous service. It's not just that he's slow - there's no attempt to organise a queue or ensure that people are served in order. Also, if the market opens at 10:00 then that's when he should be ready to serve. We asked at 10:00, he said it would be fifteen minutes before we could order, it was 09:50 before we actually got a coffee.

    Also it would be nice if there could be some bread other than sourdough, as much as I like sourdough.

    Sounds like a whinge, sorry. Overall it's ace and we'll keep coming.

    Ned, are you the man on the middle stall that sells the totes, cider, bread, etc?
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  • Yeah I was impressed by that, though the grotty police box next to his stall was a bit of an eyesore.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Met a mate there who was a bit pissed as he had bread in his bag he bought from the deli but he said it's cheaper in the market. I think that's a good thing.......
  • Ah ha! Grenners, I know who you are!
  • He's got his profile picture on here, you cant miss him, high pitched voice.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I am sweep the dog. Used to be on tv years ago but not famous any longer.
  • Good feedback this is so helpful! Thanks...
  • Soon: I love E5, can't work out whether I prefer it to B by B but it's good to have both for the time being. The problem is that they don't want to have their own stall, & when Andy (B by bike) is ready to have one for himself I don't know if it'd be fair to offer both. We'll see though.

    Galettes & crepes are here this weekend! Apparently it's tough for them at the moment so it might not be every week but I'll obviously let you should be amazing stuff.
  • Arkady: please bear with me with the coffee thing; I'll tell you of any breakthroughs I can make with it. Perhaps I made the wrong choice but now that it's done I'm determined to help him & make it quick as possible! I'm passing on your feedback to him & suggesting ways to help. If anyone knows a great barista will you let me know? Even the fastest coffee maker would find it tough as a market is much busy than just working in a cafe...

    As for bread, there's rye bread and son there'll be spelt & GF but I know they are v niche options too. An italian man is joining soon who mostly does pasta but can make bread too so I'll ask if he'd bring some ciabatta etc...
  • PS yes I'm quite tall so easy to spot!
  • Hi everyone! Here is a link to the list for this Sunday so you know exactly who's coming, and it's probably worth mentioning that from the same page you can sign to the mailing list for a regular update...maybe after a while i can stop bombarding you all here!

    HIghlights are fish, guernsey milk & yoghurt, crepes & galettes, and an amazing new stall selling handmade brownies & truffles...

    I'm going to help Billy (coffee) as much as I can this time, and he's found someone to work with him properly from Sunday 15th. So we're getting on!

    See you on Sunday!
  • LAst minute update:
    I'm really sorry for everyone expecting fish: Seafayre can't come due to family issues. David was very apologetic & I can only guess it's something quite enexpected & difficult...anyway he says they'll certainly be back in 2 weeks (that's the 15th).
    Everyone else is still on. See you!
  • Hi everyone!
    Thanks to those who came on Sunday in spite of the dodgy weather. Here are a few things to know about:
    1) The coffee was quicker this time, I think? And we've found someone to help out from now on so it should always be at least as slick as that, probably more so...
    2) the crepes/galettes seemed to go down really well (I thought they were great anyway!), and she says she'll come back this Sunday too. Do check the list though on Friday ( and as you may know you can sign up on that page for an email update every weekend...
    3) more stalls should be coming over the next week or two (including the long-awaited organic veg...I'm afraid somebody let us down so it's been delayed somewhat). Again, check the website (or here of course)
    4) Sorry again about the fish! As I said they were v apologetic & should be back in two weeks time...and they're hoping to be weekly before long.
    5) I'm going to order some more bread this time so there should be some to buy even towards the end of the day.

    As always your feedback's really helpful! More definite info about this Sunday is coming later in the week.

    Best wishes!
  • Dear all, the list is up for this sunday...

    Bread by Bike has it's one stall now with enough sourdough bread buns & baguettes for everybody; one new hot food stall (awesome, I think); and very local London honey now sold on the stall in the middle...

    see you there!
  • Hi everyone here is the list of stalls & products available this sunday.
    Most exciting things:

    1) NEW organic fruit & veg farm (so two in total)
    2) FISH again (very soon to be weekly so you won't be always wondering)
    3) wonderful THAI food

    Thank you!
    from Ed
  • Dear All,
    just a quick message to say that this sunday's market listing is up on the website now:

    and that I still really welcome all feedback sweet & sour...

    off now to buy some logs. See you on Sunday!
  • Excellent, I really want some good smoked haddock!!
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    Ned, hurrah for the market and the apple crumble! We will be back for logs next week too. Loving the variety
  • Got some lovely sausages from the market - chicken, spinach and chilli...!

    Also that rye bread stall is awesome!
  • Hi again everyone! Thank you again for all being so supportive of the market.
    Here's the link to the what's on page.
    This week: Fresh Pasta, hot mulled wine & chestnuts, cheese toasties, as well as all the farm produce.
    See you!
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    Just to repeat the news about Stroud Green Olive Oil for anyone who missed my post on a different thread - the extra virgin oil is pressed and ready but stuck in Italy due to trucking problems. So it will not be putting in an appearance at Stroud Green Farmers Market this Christmas. I've already had to decline orders from several would-be customers. Shame as the oil is very high quality this year and lots of it. I should get it back in January or February and I may take a stall then, or I may just use it myself.....but 64 litres is a lot to get through.
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