Benjawan Thai Massage, SGR

Had a lovely full body massage with Lily - £45 for 1 hour.
Spotlessly clean & excellent value for money.
Thoroughly recommend.


  • I have been tempted to go in the past just never go around to it, did they do that thing where they'd try break your back in two? Thai massage can be a bit too brutal sometimes.
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    there was a fair amount of twisting & turning, but the lady did keep checking if pressure was okay :-)
  • first time I went was really good. The lady had just started and I was her first massage. Really good, and great pressure. Went back the following week and it was awful. Different lady, she was older and couldn't be bothered. She just rubbed oil gently on me in circular motion. I asked her to make more effort so she went from zero to one hundred with the pressure which did my muscles no good. She also kept belching. You generally have to book as they are always busy. But i guess it depends on the person you get and how bothered they can be.
  • Fixed my dodgy neck. My father in law went and they fixed his ankle they were about to refer to orthopedics!
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