Local kitchen fitters

Hi everyone,

We’re in need of recommendations for reliable local kitchen fitters - does anyone know any, or have any ideas where to start looking?

Thanks and happy new year :)


  • I know a very good kitchen fitter that I can recommend with no doubt. He has done our kitchen a year ago. Please send me a private message if interested.
  • Hi, I'm looking for a kitchen fitter and struggling to find one. I sent a pm a few weeks ago but have had problems with my account so not sure it made it through. Any chance you could pass on the details please? Thanks
  • Hi @tom_83 - in the end we posted the job on MyBuilder and got several good quotes, are going ahead with the job starting Feb 15th. Hope that helps - best of luck!
  • Hi Jacula. I am asking as I need to find a fitter as well. Could you let me know who you are using so I can use them as well please? Thanks
  • @tom_83 Happy to help but I'll DM you, since not ideal to post other people's contact info on a public forum :)
  • Any chance you could DM me? I could do with a decent kitchen fitter too.

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