Christmas Tree Disposal

The fly tipping of Christmas trees onto our pavements is driving me bonkers. Just in case anyone on here doesn't know, the council doesn't come and collect them from the pavements. Trees should be cut up into small pieces and put by your bin. There is also a collection point in Finsbury Park you can take them to. For more information see:


  • There were loads of people dragging trees to the park today. It was quite a funny sight.

    I took ours, and another two I found on the streets on the way over.

    Apparently those that live in Islington get theirs collected whole along with their bins.
  • I live on Islington side. the council ask us to leave our trees beside the road after Jan 6th and they collect on recycling day - Thursday.
    Sunnyside Park community garden in Elthorne Park also recycles them if you take them there.
    There are lots of other places to recycle trees in Islington.
  • Christmas trees? CHRISTMAS TREES??? What a load of old wank! There should be a massive tax slapped on them for those idiot shoppers to pay. When I were a lad we had a wood and plastic one we'd put up and then take down every year. My parents were still using the same one after 40 years. Problems (sociopathic and environmental) solved.
  • Wood and plastic? You jammy bugger. We'd dream of a plastic tree when I were a lad. We had to make to with a pile of old rocks in the corner of the room. And that was if we were lucky.
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    I use very good quality artificial Christmas trees at work (like almost all businesses) - we put twenty eight of them up.
    The environmental damage done in the production of them must be horrific as they are made mostly from plastics, and they are all made in China. However, as you say, it does save a lot of money in the long run and they are reliably standard shapes and sizes. Difficult to get a real 12ft tree with the required shape and 'bushiness'.
    We always had a silver tinsel tree as kids but modern tinsel doesn't have the same shimmer, I don't think they use mercury in the production these days.
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    Well, @joust , when I say “tree”, it were a pencil stub stood in half a potato wi’ plastic straws fer branches. On Twelfth Night we’d take down t’ tree, dancing and sunging “alleluliah”, then our mam would stab each one of us wi’ t’ pencil stub before cooking t’ half-potato, and everyone in t’ family (there were eleven of us, all ‘uddled together in a KFC party bucket) would get a slice. Ee we were poo-ah, but we were ‘appy.

    @miss annie , I’m sure modern re-usable trees (synthetic or otherwise) could be made with less environmental damage than the dozens of real trees of which they might take the place over the years.
  • i can remember eating poo sandwiches at Halloween as a kid, i hope it was Marmite.
  • Was it the poo or chocolate game? We used to play that when we had a guinea pig.
  • Wow, thankfully not, although i have eaten roasted guinea pig.
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