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Previously called Forchetta, this recently opened place on the corner of Stroud Green Road and Tollington Park is a positive addition to the area. Serving reasonably priced drinks and Italian, freshly cooked food and run by a friendly proprietor, this is a nice place for a bite to eat or early evening drink (they have an alcohol licence). The walls are adorned by some interesting artwork by a local artist, adding to the ambience of the cafe. Highly recommended.


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    Couldn't agree more, went once... the owner is a LOVELY individual.
  • Well, isn't it weird, it was a bakery for a few weeks and then has been re-branded as a cafe...
    I agree on the friendlyness of the staff but to be honest I found the found was pretty average.
  • Very good wifi, very friendly staff and tasty, reasonably priced food. (meatball pasta particularly good) Also alcohol license is very handy. Recommend
  • Closed down last week. Perhaps we have enough Italian/Italianate food places in the area now (Remoli, Tartufo, Pappagone’s, La Porchetta, Vittorio’s, Piccolo Diavolo, Hana Maria, La Saporita…)?
  • There is another branch down near the Emeraites
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Where I come from a guff is not a pleasant thing.
  • Seems like it has reopened under a different name.
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