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Found Stray: Brindle Staffy

On my cycle home last night around 9:30pm I noticed a brindle staffy without a collar on Portland Rise, London N4 2PN extremely close to seven sisters road (opposite Finsbury park)

I managed to put a makeshift lead out of my bicycle lock cable and tried to see if there was an owner around and tried to make him lead himself home but unfortunately he did not.

A lady help me walk him back to my home in Andover Estate and he spent the night here, I took him to the local vets and he is not microchipped, they gave me the dog wardens number for Hackney and Islington

I've contacted Hackney Council who have reported him as urgent so hopefully they'll come and pick him up from me.

He is an old boy with a very white chin and quite bad arthritis in his hind legs, if anyone knows a missing staffy please let me know and I'll try and reunite them.

I will update this with which council picks them up, he's a really nice dog and I don't want to have him end up getting put down.

Does anyone have any experience with the dog wardens as they haven't given me an ETA on when he will be picked up?


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