£12.50 to drive your car - ULEZ coming to Stroud Green



  • The French have smashed most of the cameras up now, if that happened over here the army would be out.

    While i do not think Khan means it this way the whole ULEZ thing simply solidifies the notion that London is now for rich people that can either afford newer cars or to pay the tax.

    People that do not need to use a vehicle for work are, of course, the ones that shout the loudest (and also tend to eat avocados imported on refrigerated container ships).
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Nobody is doubting that cleaning air and driving slower is a good idea. The tax thing was what pissed off the French mostly because those who need the car the most are the ones with the least money. I think most of the people relying on old cars are completely unaware and will get a shock because it's a big upgrade from a vehiclle now worth less than £1K because it's not compliant to a modern vehicle.
  • There must some numbers somewhere of the numbers of vehicles affected used in the modelling. DVLC would be able to produce it. Getting to Cyprus without a flight would a very doable adventure train to Athens then ferry
  • After the train, I'd only have 3 hours there before returning home.
  • TfL got busted for spinning the numbers recently - it's many more than they initially tried to indicate.
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