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Come and Build a Machine for the Future with Rachel Jacobs

Come and Build a Machine for the Future with Rachel Jacobs

Artist Rachel Jacobs is working in partnership with Furtherfield to build a Future Machine in Finsbury Park and YOU are invited to help build it!

Workshop times/dates:

Saturday 20th April 1-4
Saturday 11th May 1-4
Tuesday 18th June 3-6

Sign up now - it's free! Refreshments will be provided.
LOCATION: Furtherfield Commons, Finsbury Gate, Finsbury Park, N4 2DE, Haringey, N4 2DE

Our 2019 exhibition, Time Portals, celebrates the 150th anniversary of the creation of Finsbury Park. As one of London’s first ‘People’s Parks’, designed to give everyone and anyone a space for free movement and thought, we regard it as the perfect location to explore all our futures.

We would like invite you to a workshop of your choice to help create an interactive machine designed to respond to environmental change – recording the past and making predictions for the future while inspiring new rituals for our troubled times. Once built, the machine occupies the portal to the Furtherfield Gallery, inviting visitors to play with it throughout the summer.

We want to bring together people with ALL views on environmental change - denier, worrier, eco-warrior, confused, conspiracy theorist, lover of trees - everyone is welcome! The workshops involve talking, thinking, making things with all kinds of arts and craft materials, as well as using interactive technology and scientific sensors (no experience necessary).

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