Guerrilla Gardening in the Area

Have been doing a few bits in my area, was wondering if anyone was doing some bits and bobs or wanted to get stuck in to a particular plot?


  • A few months ago Arkady had the brilliant idea of seed-bombing the covered reservoir between Ferme Pk Rd and Mount Pleasant Villas to create a wildflower meadow, but I suspect it would be difficult to execute.
  • Ah! That would be a great idea, I guess they could be thrown over the fences? I think the only downside is that the grass is often mown too short?
  • Yeah, I think its mowed too often.

    The areas by the short paths that lead up to the parklands walk might be good spots.
  • Yeh I already sent a message to some of the parkland walk volunteers - I understand that as the bridges are being repaired, there's not much use doing too much there right now
  • I feel like the bottom of trees seems to look good, but I don't know how long-lived those are if dogs and car doors ruin them?
  • I wonder why they need to mow the reservoir at all.
  • I still haven't got around to talking to Thames Water about their mowing regime. As others have already pointed out the reservoir has a decent wildflower seed-bank already. If they changed the mowing regime it might just need some added vetches to help suppress the grass.

    Very keen on the idea of guerrilla gardening. there are some great tree-pit gardens around but the council have taken to destroying some of them.
  • Quite a few trees done in my road. There are a number of odd bits of space near the Park Theatre that would benefit from a bit of nature.
  • The end of Quernmore Road by Harringay Station is really inspiring. The locals have done an incredible job there.
  • Corbyn St is full of green-fingered guerillas working at tree bases. I need someone like that to sort out my poor neglected garden.
  • Quernmore Road by Harringay Station -> I live very nearby and saw this, I wondered who it was! I'm trying to emulate that somewhat, but unsure how many times my plants can get nicked before I get a rifle out
  • there's a spot opposite the Goods Office near Stroud Green road that needs a dig up - so does the church 'garden'
  • The Quernmore job was led, I think, by the nice gents at But First Coffee. They whipped up a real community spirit, and successfully lobbied for the Council and other funding that got the end of the road pedestrianised. I think a lot of the new street furniture and planters were provided by Michael Slade whose custom furniture workshop is right there. And the bee hotels were provided by Briggs of Briggs Bughouses who lives on Stapleton Hall Rd. I don't know who's maintaining the planters.

    The whole thing would be a great model, on a smaller scale, for the proposed 'plaza' opposite Tesco (see other thread).
  • Thanks for the info! I've started growing some lavender by seed (it's late in the season, but they're indoors) it's been very successful so far despite the low success rate of Lavender seeds in general, but I hope to spread some of the younger plants around the neighbourhood next year as it's such a great perennial plant (£4 for 1,000 seeds as well!)
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