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HO50s: Cinema Club for the 50s, We The Animals, 6 Sept, Bernie Grant Arts Centre

The next film at the Haringey Over 50's Forum's Cinema Club is We The Animals.

Three boys tear through their childhood, in the midst of their young parents’ volatile love
that makes and unmakes the family many times over. While Manny and Joel grow into
versions of their loving but unpredictable father, Ma seeks to shelter her youngest, Jonah,
in the cocoon of home. More sensitive and conscious than his older siblings, Jonah
increasingly embraces an imagined world all his own.

The film is a visceral coming-of-age story propelled by layered performances from its
astounding cast – including three talented, young first-time actors – and stunning
animated sequences which bring Jonah’s torn inner world to life. Drawing on themes on
toxic masculinity, sexual awakening and a unique childlike point of view of being an
outsider We The Animals creates an immersive portrait of working-class family life and

Venue: Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Town Hall Approach Rd, London N15 4RX
Date: Friday, 6 Sept  
Time: 2:30pm.
Cost: £4.90 includes coffee, tea and cakes 

There are only 36 seats so please reserve your seat at or call 0208 341 2238 to avoid disappointment. Please leave your name, email address and phone number. People who reserve seats will get priority.  Walk ins welcome too.  
I hope to see you there.

James Cowling
HO50s secretary 
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