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Crouch End Closed Businesses

edited August 2019 in Local discussion
Is it me or are there several empty businesses around Crouch End that were open only a few years ago (obviously Stabucks is dead) but I'm talking about some of the smaller independents, at least four that I've seen shut. I don't know if any of you have thoughts on that? Stroud Green Rd seems to be flourishing at the moment so I assume it's not a general trend?


  • I think the independent shops come and go all the time, they used to be flogging women's clothes but now all seem to sell random homeware.

    Actually they seem to sell not a lot to me but I thought people did it for tax purposes.

    Someone on here said that the Costa was closing as well, or looking to get rid of the lease anyway.

    The Alex is absolutely thriving though, it's run by the people from Earl Haig Hall (not Antic, the actual staff) and is now a great boozer.
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