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    I've just returned from a visit. I noted no fewer than four members staff (or 'colleagues' as Tesco prefers to call them) with either no face covering or one worn incorrectly.

    If there was a message from head-office, it's certainly not reached the shop-floor yet.
  • Very odd picture on BBC. One person with no mask, one with face completely covered including eyes ... Never seen anyone masked to that degree
  • Is that Kenny in the picture?
  • The article says this: On Tuesday, Sainsbury's told the BBC it did not have the power to deny entry to shoppers without masks.

    That strikes me as bullshit. I thought places of business had the right to reserve entry. It is private property and they can allow in whom they choose, no?
  • There is a massive amount of doublethink going on. The pound shop next to the post office aka the hardware store that sells everything has been forced to close and become 'click and collect', I suppose by Islington council. Perhaps wise as it is quite cramped inside. But presumably it is still alright to queue up and rove around Tesco, where the aisles are not much wider, free movement pertains (no one way system) and advice I've seen on the internet is that supermarkets are the most dangerous indoor places to visit. What's all this about then? Enforcement against the little guy but no enforcement against - or by - the big guys.
    No wonder were in such a mess.
  • The photo is from March 2020, so perhaps the masked figure on the left hadn't yet fathomed how to wear it.
  • @krappy, I think people can probably do without the marvels of the plastic shop (as I call it), but do rather need food for survival. I would like to see much stricter enforcement of one-way systems, limiting of numbers, mask wearing etc in supermarkets.
  • I thought there is a one way sytem in Tesco's marked out in each ailse on the floor.
  • @Ali: Given that the store can't even get its own staff to use masks correctly (they're not exempt as a mask is present round their neck...), what chance is there of them getting the public to follow the one-way system?
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