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Q&T Vietnamese

Hi all

Does anyone know if Q&T are open at all for take away during this lockdown? I haven't seen the shutters up and there is no answer when I call. I hope they haven't closed

Thanks in advance


  • they are starting to do take away, can order by Uber eats they are not taking commission for two weeks apparently so order away.. then it is 30%! so ring Q&T direct
  • Had food from here last night. Was fabulous, best takeaway all lockdown we reckon. 30% plus VAT Uber eats will take in commission in two weeks! so after that do order direct from Q&T.
    A bit of info..I just changed my forum name, been on here for years, lived locally since the early 80s.
  • I had my first takeaway from there last weekend. Looking forward to it being open for dining again. Think this is my favourite restaurant in Stroud Green/Finsbury Park. What a gem!
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