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~ Zoom Link to Forum Meeting ~

Forum meeting via Zoom - Wednesday January 27th at 6.30pm

A Neighbourhood Plan is prepared by the local community for the local area.

A group of local people has made a start towards preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for Finsbury Park and Stroud Green.

This Plan will set out proposals for improving our area and guiding new development in and around Finsbury Park.

The Steering Group wishes to update members on how it will be prepared and how everyone can be involved in the coming months.

Please join the meeting to:
Hear an update on what's been done so far
Discuss how we can set a new vision for the neighbourhood area
Look at the Steering Group's outline plan of work going forward
Comment and ask questions
Get involved
The meeting will be chaired by Linda Royles (Forum Chair)

Join Forum Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 858 1001 3467
Passcode: 434855

(If you live or work in the area and are not already a member, please register via the link
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