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Haringey Council to re-absorb Homes for Haringey

Just so that residents in Stroud Green know, the Council is dismantling the arms length structure of Homes for Haringey. That's the organisation that maintain all council and leasehold property.

Why does this matter?

1. The arms length agreement is currently very popular with residents and receives high ratings from us - why change a service that is running correctly and allows the organisation to run semi-independently from the council?

2. There are worries from local residents on the Harringay online site, that the council could divert funds meant for HfH residents into their own coffers which would be detrimental to our wellbeing and progress.

3. Recent redevelopments such as the Noel Park 'pods' refurbishments (see the Guardian) - high costs for leasholders and poor communication residents received. Obviously this does not reassure me that the council are working with the interests of leaseholders in their hearts. It's likely that freeholders will be affected if the council decide to more aggressively develop more brownfield and housing sites.

4. Some of the recent appointments within the council cabinet are questionable. Including that of Charles Adje in key finance and regeneration roles. He was suspended from the labour group for wrongdoing several years ago with some contracts.

5. Finally, there has been absolutely no communication from the council to Tennant and leaseholders bout this move.

I would urge that all residents have a good look at this issue as it affects us all - especially with regards to local redevelopment, new housing etc.


  • This change seems to be based on ideological grounds rather than quality of service delivery. If they are not consulting all those people directly effected it suggests they fear the results of the consultation.
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