Pop-up Tea Room - Season Kitchen - Saturday 22nd October

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Hello Stroud Green... I’m Rosanna, and I work for Neil at Season Kitchen. He has kindly given me the opportunity to run a Pop-up Tea Room at the restaurant, which is very exciting!

Reading some of the threads I know you’re a vigilant bunch. I’m thinking less doily and more qualitea... (I just couldn’t resist)

A selection of classic black teas will be provided and served by Neil and myself; Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Darjeeling, complemented by a tidy selection of lovely low/non caffeinated teas for those with a more delicate palate. A good green tea will of course take pride of place, but the rest will be a surprise, and I shall create a descriptive menu so that informed decisions can be made.

Your baking contributions would be most welcome and will lend that all important community spirit to the event! May I suggest that those wishing to contribute a cake/tart/treat email me so I have an idea of how many we will have, although really, is there such a thing as too many cakes? There will also be a selection of gorgeous handbaked cupcakes to indulge in, donated by bitterSweet cakes: www.bittersweetcakes.co.uk

Also, at Season we have minimal tea sets. If anyone has the provision to lend a tea set for the afternoon (doesn’t have to be fancy, it’s all in the tea…) then please email me. Otherwise I will find a café to lend us some, or raid the local charity shops.

Tea folk will be asked for a donation of £5 and this will include a tea of your choice, brewed to perfection, and whatever sweet treat takes your fancy. We will be donating the money to an organisation called the Metropolitan Support Trust, who are committed to supporting people with adverse personal circumstances or backgrounds to live independent lives, and also the Women’s Institute, the largest voluntary organization for women in the UK, who are dedicated to providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills.

The event will run from 2 - 4pm. Season Kitchen is at 53 Stroud Green Road. Feel free to dress for the occasion; I shall be wearing my 1940s style tea dress for good measure, and I hope to see you there!

My email address: Roz@rosannaselway.com

Metropolitan Support Trust: www.mst-online.org.uk

Women's Institute: www.thewi.org.uk


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    Errr... 24th October is Monday in my calendar.
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    I hope you mean Saturday 22nd! If so I’ll be there with bells on (not literally).

    The 22nd is my birthday. Cake-makers take note!


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    What a shame, I will be running a cardmaking class in the Midlands that day.

    As I mentioned before, I would be happy to donate a supply of handmade cards (on a tea/cupcake theme) for you to sell to raise extra money for the charities.

    I'll make some over the next week or so and drop them in to you.
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    Ah, yes your right, apologies it will be Saturday the 22nd which i've now rectified, the 22nd is my mother's birthday maybe that's why my eyes glided over it... I know so many people born in October compared with the rest of the year.

    Arky, if you're lucky we could put a candle on your favourite cake, but my mother will probably be there so you'll have to share the attention ;)
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    I can live with that, I’m sure she’s more deserving anyway. I’ve booked to be back in later for a big birthday dinner anyway, so I’ll get to be the centre of attention then!

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    Misscara, that sounds lovely - i do love a good tea cosy, i'm touched that we will have a custom made one. Scones sound great too... yum!

    Sharon, that would be lovely, I very much look forward to the special delivery ♥
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    I have teapots, milk jugs, sugar bowls and cups and saucers to lend. And an Alice in Wonderland tea set.

    I'll do a load of butterfly cakes and an Earl Grey tea loaf or banana bread if that's ok?

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    miss annie that sounds great, thank you! Mmmm, Earl Grey tea loaf, yum, and all of that sounds wonderful, the teas set sounds intriguing.

    I am writing a list of cake bakers so just let me know if anything changes and you're unable to bake so i can keep on top of what we will have on the day.
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    So are you planning on opening a tea room round here?

    Please say yes, it would make me happy.
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    Well, this is something which is very newborn as an idea. In theory, I would love nothing more than to open a tea room in the Stroud Green area, and i don't think Crouch End needs another cafe it's getting a bit absurd and in my opinion there are only a few that stand out.

    But, I don't know if the area is ready; plus, there are a couple of cafes already which i really love and i'm friendly with the owners of both and wouldn't want to crowd the market and step on toes (not so business minded i know...) but of course will absolutely consider all options when i am at the venue stage.

    Obviously to hear that there is demand for this is exciting. I saw that some of you were saying you like the one in Stokey and i must check out this NY Alice in Wonderland themed tea room (excuse to go to NY...), I personally love Camelia's in Kingley Court and Beas of Bloomsbury but neither are exactly what i would be aiming for. Any of your comments/ideas etc are very welcome.

    Some of you were talking about coffee in anther thread; i have to say i think that Coffee Circus on Crouch Hill is pretty unbeatable, certainly in the N8/N4 area - they give Monmouth a run for their money. They grind their coffee ever few minutes which shows they know how to keep it fresh and there's not one barista in there who doesn't know how to do 'milk art', plus the staff are so friendly and genuine.
  • If only I had a kitchen I would bake you something. Kitchen is hopefully being fitted that week at long last (not had one since end of Aug) but I cannot guarantee when it will be ready to use. I have a serious baking bug after watching The GB Bake Off!

    Good luck, will try to pop down and sample the goodies.

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    Good news! We will have a selection of gorgeous handbaked cupcakes to indulge in, donated by bitterSweet cakes, a local company.

    Please check them out on twitter: @indulgeincakes or www.bittersweetcakes.co.uk

    Others have suggested they might bake carrot cake and pastel de natas (that's custard tarts to you and I), they are great with nutmeg and cinnamon sprinkled on top...
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    Hello Misscara that is wonderful news, thank you sop much. Yes if you could drop the tea set in this week that would be great. Sometime before 5pm is best and probably best if you ring the restaurant first just to check that someone is there, 020 7263 5500.

    I will warn them that you intend to drop the tea set in this week.

    Alternatively you could just bring it on the morning of the 22nd.

    Can't wait! The tea has been ordered and i am just doing the last bits of organisation this week. Any more last minute bakers?
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    I will have to come early to eat ALL of the pasteis de nata. love them - looking forward to the event :)

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    Really looking forward to it. Can somebody make me one of these for my birthday? http://www.kxldn.co.uk/blog/

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    pastel de natas.......

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    That's just forrrunspeak for custard tart, right?

  • AliAli
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    Spanish translates to Cream Pie

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    portugese .. and im eating them all :D

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    Dear all,

    Thank you for your kindness and your efforts, it's really lovely. Misscara, I will locate the teaset/cosy tomorrow morning, i'm sure it'll have been stowed safely, you are a star, and i hope we will meet another time. I would like to personally drop the tea pots/sets back to lenders to show my appreciation so we can speak about this soon.

    Sharon thank you for the cards they are beautiful...

    missannie, was nice to meet you tonight the restaurant was so busy it's a shame we couldn't talk properly. Thank you for your kind contributions!

    I'm exited too! Very much looking forward to the event and look forward to meeting you all!

    Special thanks to all bakers and lenders... ♥♥♥
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    I have been called up to do an urgent bit of Christmas freelance work for Disney so can't come! My chap will drop off my baking and teacups, teapot etc.

    Hope it goes fabulously well.

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    I've just finished delicious lapsang souchong and pastel de natas. Also great to chat to other SG.orgers. Many thanks to Rosanna and Season for organising it. Roll on the next popup event!

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    Steph's BitterSweet cupcakes also highly recommended!

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    lemon & polenta cake v. good too.
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    second vote for the incredible pastel de natas. excellent apple and mint tea too. Pleasure to meet some new people. This should be a regular event!

    I followed it up with several varieties of cider at the Camley Natural Park apple day, so am a bit too drunk for this time of day.

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    So glad to hear it was a success - hopefully I'll be around if you do another one - my boyfriend absolutely adores pastel de natas.
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    Sorry I missed this. Selway and Season - please do another one!

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