Pop-up Tea Room - Season Kitchen - Saturday 22nd October



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    Hello, when would be a good time to collect my tins, plates etc? Thank you, Miss A

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    Hello everybody,

    I am touched that you enjoyed the tea room, It was lovely that the room was full almost the entire time and that the cake table was so full! Season is such a great room and it's lovely in the day with the sunlight.

    The Apple Loves Mint tea was the most popular; we ran out! So aumtumnal, i will have to buy some more. All tea served (minus marigold) can be bought and drunk at Coffee Circus on Crouch Hill.

    I'm certainly not adverse to future (tea or otherwise themed) events as i really enjoyed organising this one and learnt a lot through doing so.

    Annie and anyone who needs to collect their things they are in a box in the back of the restaurant. You can just ring the restaurant to check someone is there before collecting, but if you would like to email me with your address and phone number i would be happy to drop these back anytime during the day this week. Whatever is easiest for you.

    Watch this space ;)
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    Rosanna - it was fabulous! Do it again please (although a lot of unpaid work for you). Loved the apple loves mint tea - have never been to Coffee Circus - will try it. Mirandola - glad you liked the lemon polenta cake - it goes down a treat with people with gluten allergies.
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    Mmmm any chance of a cake recipe page for tried and tested favourites?
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    great idea hew22; i would love the recipe for pastel de nata please! :)

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    yes I'd like to know how to make pastel de nata too
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    I don't. Knowing that could only lead to a pasta de nata based diet. Same reason as I shy away from tiramisu recipes.
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    I'm going to try this recipe for pasteis de nata.

    I don't have a dough hook or a pastry scraper, but it doesn't seem that complicated.

    Also, going to try Nigella's lemon polenta cake recipe. Has anyone made it? Looks very tasty in the photo.
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    @rainbow_carnage good luck with this one and please let me know how you get on. i dont have much equipment for baking (yet), but i'd love to give this one a try.

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    I don't like custardy stuff but they do look pretty.

  • I made this cake this afternoon. (It's what you do when you're unemployed.) I didn't have the right amount of all the ingredients, so my proportions were a bit off. But it still tastes delicious.

    Ordered a pastry scrapper on Amazon. When it arrives, I'll try to make the natas.
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    ooh, wow i dont even know yet what a pastry scrapper is :) Good luck, beat the beautiful Lorraine Pascale and her baking.

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