FREE ITEMS: 2 Ionic Breeze Air Purifers, 2 Side Tables and an Electric Potato Peeler w/Salad Spinner
  • All items are in brilliant condition and for free.  Just need my space back!

    I bought the air purifiers from the Sharper Image in NYC and the 2 nesting/side tables came all the way from Ikea! 

    Please drop me a line if interested in any of the above. First-comefirst-served.

    Thanks, Cristo

    Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
  • Hi,

    Are the air purifiers still available?



  • Could I have the smaller air purifier for my son with eczema, if not already taken? Thanks

  • Sorry, just seen it's an old post. But let me know if available

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