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Hi guys,

Just wanted to warn you: do not go to the laundry/shoe-repairs shop at the end of Stroud Green Road (a few doors before the Sainsbury's), I think it's called Staypress, but I could be wrong.
The guy in there is a rude thief, we are going to report him to the police soon.
We took a pair of sandals in last week as we wanted another hole pierced in the strap...we should have probably done it ourselves I know but we thought he might just do a nicer job and were sure it would have taken him 30 seconds max.
He said to leave them and pick them up the day after as he was doing something else.
Well, when i went there he charged me £5!!!!! And did not give me a receipt either! I looked at the shoes and guess what? He probably did it with a knife and so badly the sandals are now ruined....
He was very rude and refused to give me a receipt even after I told him I was going to report him.
Anyway, stay away, there are many nicer placed to have your shoes fixed!


  • Snow White cleaners are the best in SG. Image is also meant to be good tho in Moray Road and off the beaten track. Chang

  • You can get new sandals from shoezone Holloway for 5 quid. Used the Laundry for many years with no problems and he always has a smile. Equating the service you recieved to the chap being a thief is typical overblown scummy rubbish that appears all to often on this website. You will pay over 4 quid for a pint at the old dairy, or 10 quid for 2 coffees and cakes at that pretentious french sounding place on Tollington Road...but hey 5 pounds to a man to repair your shoes.

    Yes you should have done it yourself.    

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  • Didn't you ask him beforehand what he was going to charge? You haven't got much of a leg to stand on if you didn't - let alone a decently  repaired pair of sandals to wear!

  • I was about to ask the same question.

    If the need ever arises again, I have a bradawl which is all you need to pierce a new hole in a leather strap. For more serious repairs go to the Master Cobbler at Highbury Barn.

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    .@MFinsbury82 wrote: "we are going to report him to the police soon"

    I was kind of interested in your experience 'til i read this, and then I so lost interest.

    I would of course have my interest in your experience totally rekindled when you report back here what the Police reaction is to your complaint (assuming your carry out your intemperate threat?).

  • I love Snow White - the friendliest guys around!

  • £5 aint bad since he does need to make some money. But i wouldnt be happy if he didnt do a good job. In the end you get what you pay for right? 5 pounds for a hole, it should be perfect.

  • 82 have  you been eating Dxie Chicken ?  Too much is bad for you

  • Calling the chap a thief isn't just overblown rubbish, it's libel.

  • I've always got holes made in straps and belts free of charge.   A big smile and complimenting the expert use of the brawdall seems to do the trick.

  • Refusing to issue a receipt is surely out of order and should definitely be reported! So go for it MF82!

  • Its been freezing cold and snowing for 2-3 weeks. Why are you trying to wear sandals?

  • Interesting to see that a bunch of people are not able to discuss things without calling each other names or attacking each other. The OP might have expressed herself inelegantly in her fury, but there's no reason to get personal.

    I would be well annoyed if I gave my shoes to a business and would get them back 'destroyed'. The price is not relevant here; by the way, I normally get a quote before I agree to have a job done.
    What is relevant, though, is that the shoes were damaged and that the guy didn't want to hand out a receipt.
    That is unprofessional and reeks of 'cash in hand'.

  • Ah ... so does this mean, Stella, that you have never in your life paid cash for something without receiving a receipt? That reeks of uncommon probity.

  • There's a difference between not wanting a receipt or asking for one and being refused to be given one, Joe. Especially if it's from a shop.

  • You have to give a reciept to anyone that asks for one. Its unprofessional and im sure its against the law.

  • hahaha ... I love learning about your world.

  • @Stella "Interesting to see that a bunch of people are not able to discuss things
    without calling each other names or attacking each other."

    * coughs discreetly in agreement * ;)

  • Nothing to be discreet about, harpistic. :-)

  • I have a vintage leather satchel that falls apart on a biennial basis. Usually I take it to Snow White. This time, the guy who was working there (no one of the regulars) said that they couldn't fix it. I explained that they had fixed the exact same problem at least twice, but he was firm in his conviction. Never mind. If they didn't want my money, I'd go elsewhere.

    In a moment of utter stupidity, I took it to the place opposite Nandos. I know they're no good, but I was cold, and I had to go to the veg shop anyway... basically, yeah, I was stupid.

    The guy said they could fix it no problem. It would take three days because they had to send it away. Fine. I was in no rush.

    I came back three days later - no bag. A week later - no bag. A few more days - the bag was back. It took over two weeks for them to fix it. And all they really did was fold over the broken strap and sew straight across. Hell, I could've done that. I was expecting them to have used a stud like on the non-broken end of the strap, but clearly that was too much to expect for £7.50. All that buys you is a 30-second sewing job, stretched over two weeks.

  • Not issuing reciepts is not illegal, however if someone refuses to issue one it's likely that the cash is not going through the till. Pound shops make their staff issue till reciepts (you get £5 if they don't), to stop them pocketing all those pound coins.

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    Haha it is funny to see some of the comments it would be nice if we all meet each other or put a picture like in facebook so at least we know who we are, If you have got a bad experience in a shop dont go around discrediting the shop.

    Lets use the forum to improve and know more about the area in a positive way and help each other, I am sure that was a bad day.

  • I don't want to see people's photos, I like making up my own visions of everyone.

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