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    Paper bags are just as bad, i read that they leave ash behind. i have read a bit about corn starch bags aswell, i believe the newington green area uses them. Read here:

  • @ashman & @ludotolive, plus any others interested - I found the link I referred to above, though the plan is for bags to say 'Shop N4' (sorry, @Arkady!):

  • Thanks for this link - I am now back from being away and will spend some time this evening or tomorrow researching it. I have been following a Green conversation on this subject from around the world on Linkedin and have some access to other resources. Change won't happen over night and we will have to sit down and go through a lot of options. The act of having an open discussion should attract some attention but it it is important to bring together all of the people who have attempted this before like Transition FP and the Stokey people so that we can learn from others without getting bogged down. Small changes can make a difference. I mentioned Doodle poll earlier in this strand it's just an website where people can click on dates that are preferable to them. - a voting system really. What venue would people like?

  • Update on plastic bags. I had a long chat to central customer service who said that the manager of the store would get behind us if we created a community group and wanted to make it happen. But first
    a) We need to make a community group - this is one I suppose but I would like to meet face to face
    b) He would need to finish the financial year as he's too busy

    They have made other stores plastic bag free zones.

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    Spotted at Singapore airport - a whole I heart SG shop. Nearly bought a T-shirt. 
  • Hi, coming late to this discussion... but

    I always like the way in the Haelen Centre up in Crouch End you can just fish a used plastic bag out of the supply that their customers bring in to them and done the same taking bags out of the plastic bag recyling bin at supermarkets if I haven't taken one.  Encouraging customers to use these used bags and return unwanted stockpiles for reuse to local shops - a small part of solution?

    and my suggestion for the bag name  is  "I'm a Stroud Green bag" written in green swirling font

  • The Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green does something similar. I agree that it's a very good idea.

  • Thanks for the head's up Emine. Might have to get some one in S'pore to grab me one.

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